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General [M]ayhemery

Who owns this place?

Technically, sanjay owns all the domain names, so in essence hes the owner of the name. aoLhaTer, M|22, why_ask_why and DigitalMocking are the administrators of the forum, so they keep the it up, going and running. M|22 owns some of the hardware, and DigitalMocking owns the rest.

What is the history?

General Mayhem was a sub-section at a computer-hardware-themed website called [H]ard|OCP. It is primarily a hardware/software/overclocking/modding site, and the GenMay was the misc area. It carried the ominous "Consider yourself warned" description, as spam, girl threads, AYB, $10K desks, and all manner of Mayhem transpired there. In a forum of 40K users (at the time), GenMay was the most popular. Even with a sub-forum for every popular topic, GenMay had more posts and threads then all of them combined.

Kyle Bennett, who owns [H]ard|OCP and the forums, concluded GenMay caused too much trouble (with other forums and such), cost too much money (bandwidth and server maintenance), and was a huge liability - he saw GenMay as the aftereffects of a perpetual house party that left a huge mess every night. He was also convinced that GenMay was the reason why the [H]ard|Forums were so unreliable; in reality, it was poor server administration that was resposible. As a result, he purged the database of GenMay, for the reasons cited above. The purge date is believed to be May 8, 2002. One of the first threads that M|22 created in his forum at a later period enumerated these reasons and more.

M|22, FLECOM, and James Crivellone saw an opportunity and registered,, and respectively. FLECOM and aoLhaTer created the first GenMay together, but it was slow and feeble. The temporary server was much, much slower than [H]ard|OCPs and simply was not powerful enough to run such a high-traffic environment that GenMay is. aoLhaTer then solicited M|22 for hosting, and together, they created a second GenMay, behind M|22's - this was the GenMay where sanjay joined us permamnently. Through donations, title purchases, and lots of tweaking, M|22 was able to upgrade the server to the glory that you see today.

After the exodus from the [H], there were three camps on the new Gen[M]ay: the wannabes, the rebels and the "new skool". M|22 was "new skool", click46 represented the angst brigade, James Crivellone and FLECOM were wannabes, and aoLhaTer was just full of anger. FLECOM and the wannabes disliked M|22's moderation style and contested him at every opportunity - FLECOM also did very little to maintain the forum, and simply hung out while M|22 and aoLhaTer did all the work. The bickering led to sanjay buying out both of them (M|22 took $500, FLECOM $800), and decreeing that M|22 could do as he pleased. (Reproduced from this thread).

DigitalMocking, the fifth admin of Gen[M]ay, joined us when he hired M|22 and also donated two servers to run this forum. He was originally granted the modship of the Bone Closet, but has now progressed to become a full admin, and is seen by some as the de facto leader of this forum.

Well before the schism at the [H]ard|Forums which created Gen[M]ay, there was another schism that came about as a result of a forum war between the [H] and another forum, which resulted in a mass banning similar to the one so well-known by these forum members. One of the mass-bannees, drunkenstud, created the DrunkenForums as a haven for disaffected [H] members and other folks who didn't give a damn about the [H] (or anywhere else). Kyle saw this forum as a threat and tried to ban anyone who professed having an account there. When M|22 created Gen[M]ay he approached the DrunkenForums, soliciting members, but many of them had grown to love their forum as much as the current Gen[M]ay members love theirs, and decided to stay. They wished him luck, though.

The official birth date of the current Gen[M]ay is July 5, 2002 at 2:08am Central Standard Time. The first four administrators of the [M] were M|22, aoLhaTer, FLECOM and James Crivellone. The current administrators are M|22, aoLhaTer, sanjay, DigitalMocking and why_ask_why. Nobody knows who the supermods are, because they come and go so often.

A new chapter of Gen[M]ay's history was inaugurated when the [H]ard|Forums, having gone down for nearly two months in an attempt to upgrade to vBulletin 3 (Gen[M]ay managed it in a day), were restored, along with a subforum called "General Mayhem", in the [H]ard|Forum index. To the surprise of many, Kyle returned to Gen[M]ay and requested assistance in load-testing his forums. Afterward, some people noticed that the [H] GenMay was back, and that Kyle was actively seeking members to repopulate it, having had a change of heart. At this time, the [H] GenMay has been unlocked and all members who registered at the [H]ard|Forums in the year 2000 have been invited to enter it and post freely, albeit under much stricter guidelines. Many people believe that the restoration of the [H] GenMay will cause a change in the membership of Gen[M]ay - many of the original members of the [H]ard|Forums who were forced out during the purge feel that the [H] will provide a place for many Gen[M]ay members who dislike what the forum has become.

Either way, the [H] GenMay has been restored, and now there are two places called General [M]ayhem. How this will affect the future of the forum described in this document is unknown.

Who runs it?

M|22 and DigitalMocking are the hardware men. aoLhaTer, sanjay and why_ask_why police the forums as administrators along with him. sanjay is the impartial owner and arbiter of Gen[M]ay - he owns the primary domains and the trademark. A variety of other moderators run the various sub-forums, and an unknown number of super moderators.

Julie, one of the members of the forum, summarized the role of the Five Admins of Gen[M]ay as follows:

M|22: server stuff. makes random shen fake posts and a few real ones, such as the more recent one. worshipped in a more joking way than sanjay; flirted with by men and women alike.

aoLhaTer: does all paypal transactions. goes around and tries to moderate what he sees that is overly against rules. makes threads in AEC containing more amature cam whore type of stuff and comments on the hot wimmenz of genmay.

sanjay: makes threads about women or for women or something to deal with women. and the 4th meet, and the other random ones that come along. does the moderating stuff as well, but less often. worshipped by most members.

why_ask_why: i have no idea. i'm sure he moderates stuff and does other stuff, but nothing that i know of specifics.

DigitalMocking: namerapes, title rapes, thread title rapes; generally creates drama and conflict among members for fun. teases about pics of his daughter that he won't post but 'omg if i posted them....'

sanjay summarized it thus:

M|22 is the drunken wizard. aoLhaTer is the young warrior. why_ask_why is the mischief maker, and I try to be the host to all of you. My commitment is to not tire of our guests and end the party because of frustration.

What does it run on?

The original Gen[M]ay hardware consisted of 1U Compaq DL320 with a 1 GHz Pentium 3 processor, 512 MB RAM, and a 40GB 7200 RPM Maxtor ATA100 hard drive. This server was also responsible for that well-known image hosting service ForumFiles, closed in April 2002 before the purge. Bandwidth was supplied via M|22's account, which despite its generous bandwidth requirements was insufficient to handle the forum's needs. Costs ran to $119 per month, plus bandwidth overages ($1.50 per GB over 400 GB per month), along with any applicable taxes and fees.

Now it was Dual 2.4ghz Pentium4 Xeons, 1GB of RAM, and a few arrays of SCSI harddrives. M|22 and DigitalMocking relocated the server to a new location which offered more bandwidth and dedicated hosting, and also brought new servers online as part of the move. The current setup utilizes a pair of webservers ( and, owned by DigitalMocking, and a database server donated by click46, all connected to the colocation's fiber backbone. According to M|22, the colocation offers five to seven units of space, five to seven amps of electricity and five megabits of bandwidth.

How much bandwidth does the site consume per month?

Speculation has put it above the 1TB/month mark. It easily surpasses the 400GB mark included with the previous hosting plan, and will probably do so again in the new location.

Which address is the right one (.net, .com, .org,

Since sanjay owns all of these, they should in theory point to the correct places. If you are having problems, reach the IPs directly:, The exception is the .info address, which belongs to Fat Burger and used to redirect to the .com address. It now serves as an FAQ mirror.

Why does lead somewhere else then?

A long time ago, M|22 threatened to ban all Canadian users from the forum and block access to Gen[M]ay from Canada. This led two members named fat-tony and conundrum to create as a haven for the displaced Canadians. Fortunately the threatened BAMPERSAND did not occur, and has remained a small backwater of the intarweb. Lyndzie_kitten fled there when she was driven away from the [M] after the Bone Closet fiasco (see the Classic Forum Drama section for details). The author of this FAQ spent some time there whilst inactive.

The Rules

What are the rules?

Does anyone follow those rules or enforce them to their fullest extent?

Nope ;)

So whos phallus do I have to fornicate to get some respect around here?

Generally, these rules are meant to be followed, in no particular order:

  • Post in the proper forums.
  • Never, ever post threads that begin with: "Hi guys I'm new here!"
  • Keep reposts to a minimum, if at all.
  • Don't defend your stupidity.
  • Don't flame or fuck with mods and admins, especially you 16k users..
  • Don't fuck around with established members, we're mean.
  • You're a n00b, to be seen and not heard, don't make a big deal of your existence.
  • Stupid, ridiculous, or otherwise fucked up threads just piss us off, do not make them.
  • Watch out for the night crew man, they're fucking mean.

Do you have to follow these, are they written anywhere else but here?

No. Will following these rules put you on the chosen path to enlightenment as a respected, prominent forum member? Yes.

Are there any other rules I should know?

Yes. From teh God of teh [M], sanjay:

Since many of you are new and/or not so bright let me help you. This is not a political thread nor is it a debate. It is a thread to discuss the 'spirit' of genmay and how that might help you with fitting in better.

Entertainment, not community. If you get this then all will be well. Unlike [H]'s GM or other general purpose forums....we are not bound by a commonality of interest, creed or caste. In fact there is no valid reason that people should be here at all. What is amazing is that there is a sense of community here, but it is formed around the characters and stories we view on the forum.

Content is king. Since we are a form of entertainment and not a society, you do not have a right to be heard UNLESS you earn this privilege. Also, your thread may divert the audience from better content and thus diminish the appeal of genmay to them. Good content receives high quality viewership and posts of acknowledgement. It engages the audience and keeps them tuned in to your channel. Tastes vary so someone may post a Nobel Prize worthy essay and have it receive derision and someone may just be female and keep people entertained for days.

Anarchy is not content. While it may entertain in the beginning, scatology and violence will eventually turn any place into a shit-hole. It is not allowed. Content must be structured. A thread may become hijacked and become spam, but it should not start off as spam. Once in a while the management may allow for controlled anarchy in order to appease the more violent.

A star is born every day. You are a star if people know your name and request your content, support your being, and defend you from persecution. More importantly, you are a star if your threads entertain or if your being generates revenues from those who love/hate you. Good or bad only matters in society and community. On G[M] bad can be good if it sells. Like the WWF.

Entertainment involves politics, business savvy, and creativity. Make the show, sell the seats, and bask in the glory.

Appeal to the broad demographic. If your thread makes three idiots happy but does not appeal to the general majority, then you are wasting highly coveted main page space that could help someone more worthy develop a broad audience. When threads lose broad appeal they should turn into IRC or AIM conversations.

Drama is the fuel for our souls. Not shennanigans or ....but true drama. Bare your souls, share your angst, and tell your secrets.

Live > Movie > Audio > Text. This is the law of entertainment....the more real and immediate and personal it is to all our senses.... the more it engages the audience.

The show must go on. Entertainment changes with the times. Not all the best producers and directors are given a shot. The studio owners make mistakes....but they watch their audience statistics very closely and if a decision causes that figure to drop then they will always reconsider their ways.

ALSO remember that entertainment != art. sometimes it is, but lotsa times people pay to watch absolute crap. entertainment is what people will pay to see....or in our case....spend time and bandwidth to view.

Thus spake teh God of teh [M], sanjay.

The Forums

What is General [M]ayhem? Why does it appear twice?

General [M]ayhem IS Gen[M]ay - without this subforum, Gen[M]ay would not be what it is today. It is the miscellaneous Bull Shits area that once lived within the [H] and lives on here - Forum ID Numero Uno. It appears twice because M|22 felt like doing it that way. Sometimes the name of this forum unexpectedly changes (see below).

What is the CompuGlobalHyperMegaNet?

The name of Homer Simpson's start-up dot-com company, and also a hardware/software/PC troubleshooting sub-forum. It has its own FAQ (not created by me) containing common questions asked by posters in the CGHMN. Go here to read it.

What is Automotive [M]ayhem?

A place where you can talk about cars and all the wonderful and amazing things that you can do with them.

What is The Pit?

It is a sensitive discussion area with no-holds-barred flaming. Topics usually are of the political and racial sort, where users tell you exactly what they feel and think about the issue at hand. Strong opinions are heard and felt freely. Asmodeus was the longtime moderator of The Pit but has since stepped down and is no longer practicing, having quit Gen[M]ay.

What is the Bone Closet?

It is the adult discussion area of GenMay. The topics usually wander from anything about sexual practices to relationship advice. Most who frequent the Bone Closet consider it a separate forum from Gen[M]ay, and rarely visit the main [M]ayhem. They claim a mature response could not happen in the main forum, and experience has shown that they are right. The Bone Closet is a sanctum sanctorum, and any violators are dealt with harshly and severely. The BC is a safe haven.

What is the Babe Forum?

It is the area with visual imagery of the female variety. Hot chicks are found here.

What is P[M]O?

The Premium [M]embers Only section of Gen[M]ay, where content such as pictures and films (distributed via BitTorrent) are made available. You have to be 18+ years of age to post. Before the upgrade to vBulletin 3, only P[M]O members had the right to search the forums using the vBulletin search function right now. There are three subforums of P[M]O - the PP, the P[M]O Off-Topic Forum and BitTorrent Bonanza.

In order to prove your age, you must make a donation to the forums using PayPal. The donation amount is $10. Unfortunately, the loss of the Gen[M]ay PayPal account due to a change in the Terms of Service means that now the only means of accessing P[M]O is by currying the favour of an administrator. How that is done is an exercise left to anyone who desires access.

What is Games?

The sub-forum dedicated solely to video and computer gaming news and discussion. Discussion of warez and illegal content is strictly prohibited and will result in loss of access, or possibly even more severe penalties.

What is Deals and Steals?

A For Sale/For Trade forum, along with various slick deals to create fat wallets. This forum is the most heavily policed of all, second only to the Bone Closet. Anyone who attempts to scam someone here will suffer greatly, in many ways.

What is the Kiddie Corral?

The KC is a magical place of wonder and mystery. A clever method of rehabilitating our spammers instead of banishment created by M|22, it stands as a testament to a happy and functional forum environment. Users are no longer banned (some are if required, but rarely), they are reformed back into functioning posters and continue with a new sense of thought before posting. Users are sent there by admins/mods, and also by donations (when possible).

What is the Vault of [M]ayhem?

An archive of Teh Funnay, where old comedy gold threads are kept for later viewing.

Common Phrases and Words

What is Bunchies/Badger/Mushroom/Snake? The forum mascots. Don't threaten the sanctity of bunchies with hotlinking or you may wake up one day to find Bob Goatse staring at you, as the LiveJournal community discovered.

What is Shens?

Shens, short for Shenanigans, is the catch-all noun, verb, adjective, adverb and general word thrown out by the members of the forum when they believe that they are being had by someone. It will almost always show up at the beginning of the drama threads and will persist until someone high in the hierarchy of the [M] either confirms it or denies it. josegarcias was responsible for coining the singular of shens, shen.

What is Pay it Forward/PIF?

A thread started to encourage the practice of Paying it Forward, from The Movie With That Kid From The Sixth Sense. The idea is that someone needs something you have, and you give it to them if you no longer need it. You may get nothing in return immediately, but, like the practice of karma, eventually you will. The idea is that your good deeds will come back to reward you, completing the circle. Didnt really pan out, though.

What is FLOF?

FLOF is an online radio show run by Gabe. Its a variety comedy/radio/prank show, and is mildly entertaining.

What is <3?

Look at it sideways. Its a heart, as in, I <3 GenMay.

What is >?

The greater than/less than signs are used to compare two items, expressing ones opinion. Operands from that Algebra class are your friend, and operate pretty much the same way.

What is noes?

Funnier way of expressing NOoooOOOooo! The suffix -es is being added to existing words for comical applications, generally used in the same manner.

What does it mean to be or get owned/pwned/phowned/phlowned?

The ultimate word. It can convey a variety of feelings, actions or occurrences. It can be funny, painful, ironic, depressing, etc. You'll know you have been when you are.

What does it mean to be KCd?

This is when you play for KC and the Sunshine BAND, you are sent to the Kiddie Corral for a fixed amount of time to be rehabilitated.

What does it mean to be Band/B&/B7/b7/BAMPERSAND?

Another misspelling for banned. Means you are banished from the forums, cannot post, create or view threads.

What is [H]-[M]ode?

A special punishment that can be placed on any forum member who misbehaves enough to incur the displeasure of others, but not enough for a KC.

What is !=?

!= is the same as does not equal.

What is omghi2u!?

It is phrase mimicking how stupid teenage girls communicate when talking on AOL Instant Messenger. Replacing to with 2, and you with u, along with no spaces, makes an outright annoying series of jumbled, incoherent letters and words.

What is kekeke?

It is how the Koreans laugh while playing StarCraft, before collapsing into a coma for playing 85 hours straight. ^__^

What is a "sad panda"?

A sad panda. When one of the female forum members refuses to post seminude photos of herself, you're a sad panda. When someone KCs you for the fifth time that year, you're a sad panda. When you get placed in [H]-[M]ode for six months, you're a sad panda. When you get completely and thoroughly owned by the forum, you're a sad panda. Get it now? The phrase rises from South Park episode 306, "Sexual Harassment Panda".

What does it mean to do her/him in the butt?

Doing someone in the butt is the most degrading sexual practice one can do. Its warm, tight, and grimacingly unpleasant to receive, which is undoubtedly hilarious to witness. Doing people in the butt is a common occurrence, and is part of a healthy lifestyle. When someone says DHITB it usually means they are not attractive enough for normal sex, or even worth treating right.

What is rofl/roofles/rooflecakes/roofleskates/rooflederby/waffles/waffleblades/etc?

Rolling on the floor, laughing.

What is lol/lollerskates/lollercoaster/

Laughing out loud.

What is roofles or waffles?

The pronounced versions of ROFL. Rolling on the floor, laughing and Laughing out loud.

What does it mean to say "I'd hit it?"

It means they would have sexual intercourse with her/him/it. I'd hit it like a ton of bricks. Id hit it like Dale Earnhardt. I'd hit it like brick shit-house. I'd hit it in the dark. I'd hit it with a bag. Id hit it can be used as either a compliment or a put-down: I'd hit it with a baseball bat. I'd hit it with my car. You get the idea.

What is a sig?

Short for signature. This is the text that follows every post, and is usually a quote, advertisement, URL, etc.

What is the dot folder?

When you post in a thread, vBulletin changes the icon assigned to the thread to look like a yellow folder with a dot, indicating that you have posted in the thread. When people simply want to increase their postcount or mark the thread they will post "for the dot folder".

What does ++ mean?

From the book 1984 and the C programming language, ++ is used to enhance an already existing word or phrase without changing the original word- essentially another iteration of the original word. Replace the word very before the ++ word and it pretty much means the same thing. The opposite of ++ is naturally --, used in the same regard. Multiple ++ indicates the strength of enhancement.

What does ttt mean?

To the Top. Posting in a thread moves it to the very top of the list of posts.

What does bump/bizzump/bumpage mean?

Same as TTT, moving a thread upwards for more views/replies. Bumping really old threads will get you teh KC.

What does "ITT" mean?

In This Thread. People usually do this to define either the topic of the thread or an action that everyone who posts in the thread has to do. Example: "ITT we post pictures of ourselves"

Why is Google my friend? can help you find anything you need. Anything!

What are keyboard drivers?

Warez/juarez, screener movies, ROMs, etc. Anything illegal that can be downloaded, more or less. On an unrelated note, If you discuss "keyboard drivers" in the Games forum, you will get KC'd. Don't do it.

What is a title rape?

When ones thread title or user title is modified to a more fitting, humorous or embarrassing one. Sometimes the admins or mods who perform the rape will take suggestions from other posters.

What does it mean to be hax0red?

Getting hacked, losing files, etc. Hack the planet! Crash and burn!

What is "rice"?

Any modification to a stock automobile that was inspired by the Japanese. Posting rice in Automotive [M]ayhem will get you flamed.

What is leet/3|33+/l33t?

Slang for elite. Being really, really good at something. 3|33+-5|o3@|< |o\/\/|\|z!!111

What is SA? A website about general bullshit comedy and photochopping insanity, and the origin of the majority of teh funnay on the intarweb. Their forums are our pseudo-rivals.

What is the [H]?

[H]ard|OCP or the [H]ard|Forums. The origin of the first GenMay, dedicated to the advancement of computer hardware and overclocking.

What is the [T]?

[T]ard|OCP. See above.

What is ADF?

DrunkenForums, where all our rejects hang out. Beer me! Now replaced with NHP, Neighborhood Pub. Also known as the DrunkenForums - who are NOT Gen[M]ay rejects.

What are pics? Why should I post them?

Pics, aka pictures are the single most important thing you can post on GenMay. Visual imagery is the root of all judgments, whether it is about a person, place, piece of artwork, so on. As a predominately male group, the users of GenMay are more visually-oriented than anything else. Pics are a good thing, no matter the quality. You would do good to post them. They also provide spur-of-the-moment photochoppage.

What is a post count?

This number is your total posts from the beginning. Post counts used to be displayed under your username, but was removed for speed/optimization purposes. You are not your post count, and you are not your PC specs.

What is spam?

Spam is empty or otherwise worthless content. Spammers usually have high post counts, containing the ever-popular single smiley post, LOL, heh etc.

What is a repost?

Any information previously posted. The J.Lo video is a repost, as is 99% of the stuff you will post. Most likely it has already been done, so make use of the search function to avoid embarrassment and public shame. Kruzen was the king of reposts, and had his name raped into the repost smiley because of it.

What is 25ppp/50ppp/75ppp/100ppp/200ppp? Why are larger ones better?

ppp stands for posts per page, i.e. 75 posts per page. Larger numbers are always better because you can sometimes follow the thread more easily. Smaller numbers are only better if you don't have fast intarweb access, which means you suck anyway.

What is the 10k desk?

A user by the name of Lantec purchased a $10,000 wooden desk for his computer area. He was taunted mercilessly for buying such a piece of crap desk, as the community concluded. It turned out that he paid in Canadian dollars, so that equates to around $46 in USD. Mandatory 10K desk reference per FAQ now satisfied.

What is angst?

Teenage angst is the most common annoyance GenMay has. Popularized by bands like Dashboard Confessional and Linkin Park, angst is the source of most frustration our younger users have. Being confused, angry, and depressed are classic signs of angst, or being angry with no specific reason.

What is a girl thread?

A thread specified to the ad nauseum I like this girl but she doesnt know me! problem many guys have. Whining about insecurity, shyness, and general lack of confidence bordering angst are symptoms of a girl thread.

What is forum drama?

Any events relating to important matters, or unnecessary amounts of emotion/angst/trauma/tragedy. When LilMisCanBeRite started the Bra thread travesty, that was forum drama. When FLECOM and James Crivellone wouldnt give up their domains, that was forum drama. When Kruzen spammed his last spam, that was forum drama. Once again, youll know it when you see it. The Vault of [M]ayhem holds much forum drama, more than is covered currently by this FAQ. Enter the Vault and laugh.

What is teh funnay?

Proper misspelling of the comedy gold which we all seek. Teh funnay is found in many places- pictures, stories, forum drama, etc. You know it when you see it.

What is comedy gold/platinum/diamond?

The rarest and purest form of teh funnay. 100% Grade A+ pure extract, baby.

What are teh goggles? Why do they do nothing?

An oft-quoted line from The Simpsons. It is used to describe an unpleasant visual image, such as goatse, tubgirl, etc. The pictures viewed would be so horrible, the goggles would indeed do nothing. Also used as "the protective eyewear, it is ineffective".

What is an M3?

A fast car that some men purchase as a pen0s extension. SebTheDJ once tried to spin a story where he crashed his M3 (he never owned an M3), but it fell flat. Now the M3 is part of the forum mythos and is brought out every time SebTheDJ posts.

What is fapping?

The sound made while masturbating. Guys fap. Girls paf or squish.

What is the intarweb?

Slang for the internet.

What is an attention whore?

A girl who whores herself out for the approval of a bunch of intarweb dorks, much like the ones who frequent GenMay. Most post pictures of themselves either nude or semi-nude, eliciting the greenest jealousy out of the other forum girls. Most create some way, shape or form of forum drama.

What is a photochop?

An image modified with Adobe Photoshop for humorous purposes. The best chops are the ones that arent requested.

What is the cliche kitty?

A little striped kitten bounding in a field, used in a number of photochops.

What is All Your Base?

AYB is the one of greatest single events in intarweb history. The mangled translation of the Sega Genesis game Zero Wing became an internet phenomenon- spawning an incredible flash movie, techno music, t-shirts, mouse pads, mugs, etc. Classic quotes include "What happen For great justice!", "How are you gentlemen!!" and "All your base are belong to us".

What is the Gibson? Why should I hack it?

The Gibson is the mainframe computer internet information highway web from the god-awful movie Hackers. Thrills such as turning on a sprinkler system via a laptop and phone line and hacking the garbage file are sprinkled within this treasured classic. It is a mockery of all computer systems and their users. Also a monolithic, self-powered mobile wardriving machine piloted by KeithV and JamesC. Hack teh gibson!"

What is kthxbye?

More AOL-speak. OK, Thanks, Bye! Used to end a discussion with the ownage. As in: "I am right, you are wrong. Very very wrong. kthxBYE!"

What is an intarweb pen0s?

Your amount of internet respect or standing, or the amount and quality of your possessions. M|22, aoLhaTer, sanjay, why_ask_why, and DigitalMocking have huge, swinging intarweb pen0ses. You have to bust out the electron microscope to see Kruzen and SebTheDJs intarweb pen0ses.

What is the kittah?

The official animal of GenMay and the way Cartman from the show South Park says kitty. Remember, the internet is serious business. Also a series of animated .gifs created by mr_brett proclaiming a variety of phrases sparked this common rewording. Variants: doggah, bunnah, etc.

What is true.dat?

Ghetto slang for agreeing with someones idea. True that, in nerdly .dat form.

What is a Grammar Nazi?

Someone who screams bloody murder when a posting is made with poor spelling, grammar or English in general. You'll know one when you see one. The fastest way to attract them is to really fuck up your grammar - they'll be swarming all over you by page 2 (75ppp).

What is a shocker?

"Two in the pink, one in the stink." If you still can't figure it out, may I ask if you've been laid?

What is the lock? Why do I want to be in before it?

When it is obvious a thread needs to be locked (discussion of warez, posting goatse, etc), some find it amusing to try and post in the thread before it gets locked by a mod.

What is tl;dr/teal;deer/TEAL;DEER?

Too long; didnt read. Usually appears when somebody starts a thread with a super-long post.

What are cliff notes?

A summary of a long post, usually condensed into a few poignant sentences. Most of the time these are included with the post; other times the calls of "tl;dr" force the thread starter to provide them.

Why do people quote Linkin Park lyrics?

Because your thread or comments were overly angsty.

Who is Varg? Why does my thread need more of him?

Another random event via Test, Varg was an obscure hard metal gothy rocker who supposedly killed his own mother. Your thread needs more Varg, as does this FAQ. Everyone needs more Varg, you cant have enough!

What is "why yuo throw chip"?

A story from SA Forums about a kid who "accidentally" threw a piece of chicken at a Chinese man's wife. By accidentally, I mean deliberately. The Chinese man, obviously angered, shouted all manner of Chingrish insults at this kid, and attempted to assualt him.

What is a "spin-off thread?"

A thread mocking another thread's serious tones. Say I make a thread about "damn these guys beat up my friend cause he threw snowballs at their trucks." A spinoff thread would have the same story, but from the opposite perspective: "We totally fucked up this retard who threw snowballs at our trucks." These threads used to be allowed, as they had potential for comedy greatness, but their abuse by the n00bs of the forum resulted in a change of policy - making a spinoff thread will now get you KC'd, if not flamed with the words "spinoff = b7".

What is a "ninja edit?"

When a mistake is made and a post is submitted prematurely, the act of editing out the mistake or fallacy is refrenced as a "ninja edit," due to the speed and skill required to edit out the invalid info before anyone sees the change. You have to be quick to edit your posts to make them right, you have to be even quicker to catch the ninja in the act.

Why do people sign their posts? Who are "-Brad -Kenneth -Amadon -NuclearFusion -Regards, Stolenberg?"

Some people see the need to sign their posts, even though their name is splattered all over the area where their post is. Signing your own post as someone else mocks them and their ways. The signers claim that they do it to make searching for their posts easier, but everyone knows that it's just egocentric bullshit.

What is a "10K/11K/12K/13K/14K/15K/16K/17K user?"

Someone whos userid is greater than 10,000. This number corresponds to when you registered, ie, people with lower IDs have been here longer than those with higher IDs. Generally, users in the high number brackets (>7000) have no understanding of the inside jokes and drama that goes on, and have no concept of how things operate and transpire. But they figure it out, one way or another. Remember... you are not your userid, just like you are not your post count, PC specs....

The current crop of users looked down upon are the users with UIDs above 12,000. At the writing of this FAQ, there are a large number of users with 16k UIDs, and 17ks have begun to arrive. This information naturally upsets the lower-UID members of the forum.

What is the "night krew?"

Those who stay up all night (in this case, night is when the sun is down in the U.S.) spamming the forums. The author of this FAQ is not a mber of the night krew, even though he does post during the night on Gen[M]ay. NIGHT KREW BITCH WHAT WHAT

What is "the wrestler?"

A supposed wrestler who lifted just a bit too much. The ensuing strain on his lower region caused his bowels and intestines to explode, which essentially made him, quite literally, poop out his insides.

What is marklar?

Marklar. Invented by MonkeY NutZ (who stole it from South Park), marklar is a new catch-all word designed to describe anything and everything. The word was so overused that it was B7ed from the [M]. Marklars have marklared for its reinstatement, but all marklars have failed to this point.

What are the colorful images that appear next to threads?

Those are the forum tags. Currently only available to Gold members, these tags identify threads located in specific subforums. That system allows you to include those subforums in Gen[M]ay, as if the place isn't hectic enough. The images were created by Exox.

Classic Forum Drama

What happened between LilMs and TheFleshRocket?

LilMs and TFR (more TFR than anyone else) decided to break up publically within the Bone Closet in the Forums infancy. Unheard of amounts of drama transpired - the bickering and childish actions of two people emotionally raw saw some heated insults and wealths of secret feelings revealed. All of this "serious business" between threads of "OMG I touched a girl today" and "WTFLOL post your penis size." Classic stuff. LilMs naturally did not want it to continue (it had been going for multiple pages) and requested a lock from sanjay. This did not happen, sanjay wanted the fun to continue. Eventually, they made up and so and so forth.

What was the "Bra Thread?"

Once again, LilMs was the catalyst of another logic-defying multi-page thread. She originally posted a thread in the Bone Closet prior to the events, proclaiming her penchant for seeing "boys in bras" Much to the chagrin of the forum (and the baffling delightof many), the thread was not successful in anyway, though one user by the name of norelidd posted himself in a womens bra. The funny was not found nor realized. She posted a spin-off thread in GM requesting pics of male members in a ladys brazier. She claimed that for every seven male pictures, one female would post a single shirtless picture.

The initial drama went on for multiple pages, until the gentleman who had previously posted his picture in the Bone Closet thread re-posted them in the new one. LilMs denied his entry, claiming they had been used before and was against the "rules." Multi-page drama ensued, until our savior norelidd posted SEVEN pictures of himself in SEVEN different bras he had acquired from his sister and mothers lingerie drawer. A hero to some, this brave man turned the tide against the bickering between the forum and LilMs. As if such a thread didnt already reach maximum drama thresholds, LilMs dropped the bomb - her current boyfriend wouldnt allow a pic of her in her bra to be posted.

The Drama dirty bomb had cleared takeoff and was proceeding with the mission. More pages of bickering and insults, as she had found a convenient way to escape doing something she never intended to do. Eventually, she did cough up a single pic - of her in a tank top.

Gabe even joined in the fun and started a FLOF broadcast where people could continue the fun.

What happened between the girls of the Bone Closet?

Some random Bone Closet jerk off decided it would be a good idea to make a popularity contest between the girls of the forum. As if the fragility of the relationship between us forum nerds and somewhat attractive, somewhat interesting girls wasnt already on thin ice? What ended up being a slanderous, bickering, angsty, bitchy, emotionally scarring popularity contest between our girls resulted in the majority of them never posting again, and thegooseguru stepping down as Moderator of the Bone Closet. Most of our ladies can handle being flamed by the male population, but something about being taken a few pegs down by ANOTHER forum chica hits home. Truly, a dark day for Gen[M]ay.

What was the "No More Gen[M]ay" Drama?

Kidane, otherwise known as Grog, posted on Gen[M]ay stating that his ultraconservative parents found his pr0n stash on an SMB-shared folder on his computer, and promptly decided to remove his Internet access privileges. This was amusing to the forums, who laughed both at Grog's lack of leet computer skills, the fact that a charlatan high-school counselor kept Grog in high school and with his neo-Nazi parents, and the stupidity of the parents themselves. The possibility of sending goatse to Kidane was raised, and Gabe was indirectly blamed for the discovery of Grog's pr0n. Eventually his connection was yanked, and Grog disappeared from the intarweb for the remainder of the thread. After the vaulting of the thread, Grog managed to return to the intarweb.

What happened between M|22, FLECOM, and James Crivellone?

The ORIGINAL Drama! GenMay was deleted and created within a day, and unfortunately many people had the great idea of reviving it. This resulted in three different people owning three separate domains- M|22 with, FLECOM with, and JC with At one point in time, there were separate forums on .com and .net, resulting in much panic and spam. They eventually consolidated and pointed to one forum - the old version of Gen[M]ay that was god-awfully slow and horribly un-optimized.

As with any organization with multiple leaders, there was always conflict between the three about who owns Gen[M]ay and the rights to it. Which domain was the correct one? Who registered it first? Who paid and owns/operates the hardware and software? These questions all had many answers, and each felt they were right.

This caused instability in the community - if our administrators were having so many problems keeping the peace between themselves, what would become of the SPAM? FLECOM was de-admined "from his own fucking forum" due to the drama and angst, and disappeared to the Kiddie Corral of the internet - the [H]ard|Forums (although he does still occasionally post). JC eventually gave up his domain as explained at the beginning of this FAQ, and still remains a big wiener. M|22/sanjay now hold the rights and all domains for the good of the forum.

What was the FUCK incident involving Godspeed?

A user by the name of Nasy Veal has a post in a thread with the word fuck in it somewhere. Normally this wouldnt be a problem, as this occurs more times to count daily. Godspeed was browsing Gen[M]ay at work, and the software monitoring his internet connection was tipped off by the word (one can only wonder why it didnt happen sooner), called in by the boss, and consequently fired. Owned! He didnt really need the job and was going to quit anyway, so everthing more or less worked out. Surprisingly, the filter caught it on the way out, not the way in - he forgot to edit it out of his post. Double owned.

What was the click46 Death Drama?

Forlorn, one of the mods of Automotive [M]ayhem, and spork, some random member of Gen[M]ay, told the forum that click46 had been in a car accident and was in bad shape, claiming that he was in a coma and was at risk of losing his life. Immediately the entire forum began to send <3 to click46, with only some people calling "Shens". A number of people became enormously upset and others began adding "<3 to click46" in their sigs - Gabe went further and made click46 tributes from his radio show. The <3 has felt all around as people sat anxiously, waiting for news on click46.

Until LilMs exposed it as an enormous, vicious lie, perpetuated by Forlorn for the purposes of conning the forum. To say that the forum was upset was an understatement. Members screamed, money was spent, several supermods went ballistic and everyone sent massive amounts of hatred towards Forlorn and spork. Lyndzie_kitten eventually paid for the KC of Forlorn and spork with a smile, and aoLhaTer escalated it to a full-strength ban for spork. Eventually the thread was vaulted. Somehow Forlorn managed to survive the infamy of this thread, and surprisingly, click46 never posted once in the thread about his own death.

What was the M3 Drama?

A huge bullshit story spun by SebTheDJ, where he claimed that someone crashed into his M3 and destroyed it, throwing him clear of the vehicle. Allnighte immediately figured out that the story was shens and said so, leading to a thread of accusations, flaming, pwnage, laughter and other general funnay, which has stuck with SebTheDJ to this day - his explosive rant when he was confronted over his lies confirmed that it was all shens (in the other thread, he was accused of being a gay pansy poser who bought shitty clothes). Every time he posts in a thread, people bring up the mythical M3 that he never owned and never wrecked. Mandatory M3 reference per FAQ thread now satisfied.

What was the Great [H] Pissy Fit?

The [H]ard|Forums were enjoying a unusual amount of downtime (even for them) in early May. Kyle Bannit in his infinite wisdom (we're talking John Bryson-eqsue wisdom here) decided to open up a DONATION FUND of all things for the [H] forum server. Simply laughable, as Kyle takes breaks from kicking puppies and pushing the elderly down flights of stairs to go roll in his pile of money and free hardware. The servers did not need new hardware, they needed someone competent to run them.

M|22 fired off an email offering up his knowledge of vB to help, in a completely non-patronizing, non-sarcastic, genuinely helpful way. Kyle responded with nothing but disrespect and asshattery, which we frown upon here at Gen[M]ay. Bickering between the two ensued, with much drama. Kyle took it to the next level by posting PERSONAL NAMES AND ADDRESSES of people who had donated less than a dollar (PayPal takes nearly all of that for its fees) on the main page of one of his forums, encouraging users to sign them up for spam, porn, harass them, etc. Another classic move, good show.

This resulted in many Gen[M]ay users using their [H]ard|Forums accounts to harass and flame Kyle, which due to the extreme Nazi Moderation, isnt tolerated. Many a user was banned that day, this time due to the best intentions. Kyle eventually deleted the thread and all references to it (1984-style Moderation at its finest), and remains an ignorant dickhead. And a Texan.

This was the catalyst for the creation of Gen[M]ay as you experience it today.

What was the KaseModDer/sugarNspice/OMGPEDO drama?

This drama revolves around two [M] members: KaseModDer, a 20-year-old who used to post casemods in CGHMN, and sugarNspice, his sixteen- year-old neighbor. KaseModDer, now known as Kase, was supposedly requested by sugarNspice, also known as sNs, to take pictures of her engaging in various sexually-themed acts, such as kissing other girls. Invis and Ries, two other forum members, learned of this, and after a long campaign of peer pressure, were able to procure one of the photos. Which promptly appeared on the [M].

This proved to be the catalyst of an enormous amount of dharma, too long and too difficult to fully catalogue here, which eventually resulted in the humiliation of Kase and sNs and the latter's banning from Gen[M]ay. Kase suffered greatly at the hands of the forum, enduring countless attacks, unrequested account modifications and other abuses, all while maintaining his innocence. Over time it was forgotten, and now very few continue to hold any true enmity for Kase.

What was the pictar drama surrounding wildthing?

During the OMGPEDO drama, IceMan713 found nude pictures of wildthing on iupload and began to spread them around, leading to a subthread of funnay and embarassing wildthing enormously, leading her to attempt suicide again. The pictures also appeared on Temporary [M]ayhem during the DDoS, and IceMan713 has insinuated that eh has more. Details on what eventually happened to wildthing are sketchy (some reports state that her computer was confiscated and/or that she was arrested by the police), but IceMan713 has confirmed that she is not returning to Gen[M]ay anytime soon.

What was the soulbleed86 drugs drama?

soulbleed86, for reasons which are still not clear, had a picture of himself taken with a pile of weed and a signficant amount of American cash and put it on iupload. Qtip42 promptly sent an e-mail to soulbleed86's local police department and school with a link to the uploaded photo. sanjay publicly condemned Qtip42 and his cronies as "forum vigilantes", while soulbleed86 was actually arrested by the police and nearly ended up in jail. He has said after the incident that he actually appreciates what the [M] did for him.

What was the Asmodeus Drama?

This came as a complete and utter shock to most of the forum: On February 17, 2004, Asmodeus announced that he would stop flaming people and help them instead. He stated that his outlook on life had changed and that he no longer desired to hate people, but to help them. The forum did not believe this, and LilMs took it upon herself to explain in flaming detail why she did not agree with him. The author of this document tried to sticky the thread but failed - the thread eventually died a natural death, with the outcome being that Asmo was truly not attempting to fool the forum, and that he intended on following through on his pledge.

Or not.

However, this all became reality on April 14, 2004, when Asmodeus said for certain that he was finished. This time around, sanjay confirmed the situation, and for all intents and purposes, Asmodeus has proven the forum wrong. The King of the Internet Tongue Lashing has resigned, and has been replaced by two newcomers maned Nano and PopeKevinl.

What was the Gen[M]ay/WorstLuck DDoS Drama?

This one arose due to two idiotic forum members who noticed that the WorstLuck forums had supposedly stolen a photochop made by one of the members of the [M] and passed it off as their own. The chop was related to the drama surrounding the 2004 Superbowl and Janet Jackson's so-called "wardrobe malfunction." They launched a DoS against WorstLuck by putting together some scripts to fetch the image file over and over, raping the site's bandwidth. WorstLuck reponded, either directly or indirectly, by marshaling a zombie army and launching an HTTP-URI DDoS against Gen[M]ay, knocking it offline.

Quick action by M|22 resulted in Temporary [M]ayhem, a place for the citizens of the [M] to release their frustration while M|22 worked to bring the main server back on-line. During the existence of T[M], sanjay wrote a song and threatened painful buttsechs for the people who brought about the temporary destruction of Gen[M]ay. After several hours, the proper [M] was restored.

But not left alone - a few days later another attack befell the [M] (this one lasted quite a while), which M|22 was forced to block using parsing scripts written after many hours, which parsed the Apache logfiles and selectively blocked the IPs of the zombies. Eventually the DDoS was nullified and the [M] left in peace - but so far, no one knows who attacked us, or why (someone named nimavsworld claimed responsibility after the fact). M|22 even contacted the FBI, but so far there has been absolutely no feedback; it left no lasting effect on Gen[M]ay.

What was the josegarcias Drama?

One of the most surprising and funniest stories to ever appear on Gen[M]ay, this drama revolves around a 16k named josegarcias who claimed that he wanted to buy "GENMAY.COM" for $1300. aoLhaTer started the fun by posting the word "no" with his classic double-barreled "fuck yuo" avatard on display. Later it emerged that josegarcias only wanted the domain name and the SQL database, not the hardware - he wished to host an ad-laden version of Gen[M]ay on his supposedly powerful host at ev1, despite general opinion that his host was not capable of such a feat.

Eventually josegarcias retracted his offer, trying to back out of the quagmire he had managed to get himself into, but the forum would have nothing of it. josegarcias was nameraped with a modified shens smiley that had a sombrero and the words "this no shen" on the sign. He also started josegarcias Gen[M]ay [M]exican Fun Club, then later abandoned it.

To this day he still posts; when M|22 was approached with regards to the possible sale of to a Pax Volvo club, josegarcias claimed that he could outbid him. josegarcias is also the provider of one of the FAQ mirror websites.

What was the Frys2 Drama?

This drama, only just recently placed in the vault, was started when Ries noticed that a company named Frys was using AIM to conduct business, which is against AOL's rules. Naturally, he began to brew shens by posing as a Frys store and sending goatse links to the people on the other end. What really started the fun was when someone figured out the formula for creating a Frys AIM name and began to register dozens for them for the purposes of confusing the hell out of the Frys store whilst simultaneously enhancing the funnay caused by the use of goatse. One interesting part of the funnay was that the people using the fake Frys AIM names tried to blame the goatse on the [H]ard|Forums as a jab towards the [M]'s parent.

The fun was nearly destroyed when nexx pretended to tell Frys about what Ries and his cohorts were up to, and then actually did it at the behest of M|22, who wanted to see what type of e-mail he would get from the Frys corporate office. Naturally the thread skimmers flamed the hell out of nexx, while Kay0909, who had a list of undisclosed names, continued to brew shens in the background. Eventually it all fell flat and the thread lapsed, until Ries noted that SANJOSEFRYS2 was logged on. This datum led to laughter, and the vaultification of the original thread.

Why did ViiriK threaten to kill Fat Burger?

Viriik got suckered by Fat Burger on April 1, 2004, and ended up being completely pwned by Fat Burger's shens, leading him to declare that Fat Burger's murder was imminent. What makes it better is that he paid $50 in gas and food funds to Ken to drive him to the supposed [M]eeting place, only to find no Gen[M]ayers present. What made it even better (if possible) was that M|22 KC'd Fat Burger and uninvited him to the July [M]eet for starting the shens in the first place.

Why does Sleeman hate DigitalMocking?

Sleeman hates DigitalMocking because he believes that M|22 turned into a fucking whiny pussy and sold out first to sanjay, by granting him the domain names and trademarks of Gen[M]ay, and second to DM by allowing DM to donate hardware to Gen[M]ay and make himself an admin. This has made Sleeman see every single administrative action done by DM as an egomania-induced power-tripping session, interspersed with taking M|22's buttsechs and doing whatever the hell he wants with the forum. Naturally DM has denied all of this with reasoned, logical arguments (his wife is pregnant and he has to moderate the [M] - nuff said, IHO), and has supposedly KC'd Sleeman for badmouthing him.

What makes this drama in the first place is that some of the forum members appear to agree with Sleeman.

What happened the day Kidane was fired?

In the past, this entry has been somewhat overly embellished, with much misinformation made available (and perpetuated by me). To sum things up, Kidane supposedly broke M|22's trust by mistreating his property and getting a speeding ticket in his car. Kidane was promptly banned, and after much misinformation and general uncertainty was perpetuated by all, unbanned for a short period, only to be banned again. Now he has been unbanned, but the forum still bears him much ill will for the things he has done in the past.

Why does FatBurger also hate DigitalMocking?

FatBurger was cranky with DigitalMocking because he violated the seven-day title protection and changed FatBurger's title (he had already held 17 unique names beforehand, thanks to M|22 and FatBurger's April Fools Shens). So he made a thread about it. The fun began to start when DigitalMocking, egged on by somebody, stated that the [M] was his to do with as he saw fit, since 2/3 of the hardware it was running on belonged to him - this response upset some people and resulted in some rather strongly worded responses. Just for the hell of it, DM changed FatBurger's title again to "King of Tools", pissing him off even more and inviting more flames. M|22 explained why DM owned the forum: "I <3 money, almost as much as you!"

DigitalMocking has since tired of such shens, and has restored Fat Burger to his original name.

Why did hagakure also threaten to kill Fat Burger?

hagakure, a newer member of Gen[M]ay, made a thread where he asked if anyone in Gen[M]ay worked for AT&T, as he was having issues with them and needed some assistance. Fat Burger, in a mood to cause yet more dharma, got ahold of hagakure's name, address, SSN and CC #, [H]-[M]oded hagakure and then spent $500 to create a new subforum of Gen[M]ay, the n00b Proving Grounds. hagakure managed to get through [H]-[M]ode to threaten Fat Burger with the FBI if this turned out not to be shens. The forum eventually appeared, and after a short halcyon period, was promptly locked and removed from the sight of all.

What was the deal with Jama and that website?

Jama, one of the lowest UID members of the forum (and also a female), made a gif called jamasechs.gif which supposedly showed her having sex (she really wasn't). This GIF managed to make its way to a Mexican website called Greenshines, a haven for amateur pr0n. Upon its discovery, people began trying to get in contact with Jama to find out if a) shew knew about this, b) if she wanted it fixed, and c) because they could. People began threatening a massive DDoS of the website in retaliation, mostly egged on by Sarah, and to the surprise of many, DigitalMocking stated that he downloaded the image a number of times to check the CRCs as carefully as possible. He also stated that he had a typo in his scripts and accidentally downloaded the image multiple times to multiple locations (he was kidding, of course). He eventually sent a message to ev1, the webhost running the site. The discovery of a vBulletin forum on resulted in its temporary shutdown for "cleaning".

The thread was also interlaced with a long rambling discussion on IP laws, consent for photography and other legal paraphernalia, interspersed with random attention whoring by Sarah, who kept posting lots of really nice pictures of herself. When Jama finally showed up, she was naturally quite horrified, and made a plea to Gen[M]ay: "Make it stop." So Gen[M]ay DDoSed the website, crushing it into oblivion with a variety of bots and other scripts in an attempt to show their displeasure. The WHOIS and domain name information for the website was naturally posted as well.
Eventually the image redexed, then vanished from the page and was replaced with boilerplate text extorting the site's readsership to exercise caution when submitting content. A new member named HZ posted an MSN convo (msn logs = b7) which contained an apology from the site's webmaster. sanjay ended the thread by reposting the original site banner.

Miscellaneous Bull Shits

Why do I have a User ID of 16000 or higher, but the total registered user count is 11000?

Because of pruning, account deletions and other forum-related maintenance tasks. vBulletin assigns your UID when you click on the confirmation e-mail, NOT when you register.

Why does it take so long for me to get permission to post?

We don't activate your account immediately because we want to avoid wasting our money KCing you for doing stupid shit right off the bat. Forcing you to lurk and observe the posts of others helpes educate you and makes you a better n00b.

Did 6600 users really all log on to Gen[M]ay at once?

No - this is the result of a week-long Distributed Denial of Service attack against Gen[M]ay by parties unknown. Forum members believe it was related to the infamous Janet Jackson drama during the Superbowl in 2004. See above.

Why does the name of the General [M]ayhem forum sometimes change?

Because the forum administrators feel like it. Don't like it? Too bad.

Do I have to donate money to Gen[M]ay?

No, but doing so will give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside, knowing that your contribution goes to helping keep this hallowed hall of spam, flames, bullshit and shens standing and maintained.

Why is search limited to P[M]O members only?

Because of unending abuse by the idiots and retards of the [M], M|22 has limited the ability to search to P[M]O members only. While this has made many people angry due to the risk of increased reposts, and denies anyone under 18 the ability to search, (for now), it actually adds a new income stream to the [M]. w00t for more money!

Didn't there used to be more subforums?

Yes. They are as follows:

What is the [M]eeting Room?

This area was once used to organize real-life [M]eetings between members. Most such threads are created in Gen[M]ay now.

What is Whine and Complain?

This was the suggestions forum. Post your ideas to fix problems, or whine and complain about existing ones. These days, people just complain in Gen[M]ay and get flamed, or send e-mails to M|22 and get nonsensical responses in return.

What is [M]oney?

The miserable failure attempting to dispense advice and discuss various financial queries- stocks, investing, consulting, prostituition, etc. It lasted less than a month.

What are the n00b Proving Grounds?

A subforum created by Fat Burger for unactivated members of Gen[M]ay to post in. It was paid for unwillingly by hagakure, and has since been removed from sight. Or has it?

On a final note:

Everything I learned, I learned from Gen[M]ay:

  • All your base truly does belong to us.
  • Everything is the Black mans and Jews fault. And its all a conspiracy from Israel and Reverend Jesse Jackson.
  • You can suck cock and not be a slut.
  • Then you are, then you arent. Then youre bisexual.
  • She'll like you because of it, but only as a friend.
  • You can whine and complain, and it really does do nothing.
  • Dot folders have never existed and you imagined them all.
  • There is no super sekrat forum.
  • The forums are a game and nothing more.
  • Dont attempt to take GenMay for something it isnt, because it isnt all intarweb serious business.

This is the original FAQ thread. If any of the information in this FAQ is inaccurate, or if new information needs to be added, or if you just want to flame me for not having a life, just let me know.

"The Intarweb is Serious Business."

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