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DHermit 01-09-2005 08:27 PM

Rules and Information
Hello everyone and welcome to the new and updated D&S. I am DHermit, your moderator. Please take a few moments to read the rules BEFORE posting. This is your one and only warning, no exceptions.

[b]Things that will get you banned:[/b][list][*]Flame a thread starter based on their prices.[*]Making a post that is like: "you can get <this item> for <this price> at <this place>[*]Spamming people's posts, or making a stupid number of threads. Please consolidate items into a single thread when you can.[*]No linking to other forums and that's it. We don't want to forum hop. Post all information in your thread here. This includes craigslist and ebay.[*]Referral threads are not allowed, this includes Free Ipod type sites.[/list]Instead of doing these things, just PM that person.

[b]Thread titles:[/b][list][*]FS(For Sale)[*]FT(For Trade)[*]WTB(Want To Buy)[*]WTT(Want To Trade)[*]WTTF(Want To Trade For)[*]HD(Hot Deal)[/list]Please keep the titles relevant to what you are selling. Do NOT make a thread with a title such as "FS: Stuff"
I will not be leaving a message in your thread about why its closed. Read the rules.
If you want to make a thread about "omg my family died in a mass cult suicide and I need money" you can put that in your thread not the title.
If you are selling something that is local, put the location IN THE TITLE!

[b]Thread Bumping:[/b][list][*]Only bump your thread once every 8 hours, please...unless it is a reply to another post[*]Excessive thread bumping will result in a locked thread[/list]
[B]Things to include in your post:[/B] [list][*]Price for the item if it's FS[*]Valid email address[*]Link to your heatware[*]Link to ebay feedback[*]Messenger service name (Yahoo, AIM, MSN, ICQ, etc)[/list]
[b]Random Stuff:[/b][list][*]No selling of cd keys without actual media included except Steam Accounts or similar items[*]No auction style threads or links to ebay auctions / other sites where you have this item for sale[*]No selling of coupons or invites[*]No advertising. This includes services, such as hosting, etc.[*]If you are selling adult content, please PM pictures.[*]Do not cross post your thread to other forum. Post all of your information HERE. [*]If someone is out of line, just PM a mod and it will be taken care of. [b]Quoting a moron and flaming him just derails someone else's thread, so don't do it.[/b][*]No Selling of WoW accounts in new threads. Please use the sticky: [url][/url][/list]
[b]Troll Lists[/b][list][*][URL=]Genmay Troll Thread[/URL][*][URL=]PCAbusers[/URL] [/list]
[b]General Information[/b]
If there is a demand, there will always be a supply.


If you have a problem, take it up with Adam Smith or Milton Friedman.

If you break a D&S rule, except the one about your thread title (which results in a locking of the thread), you will receive a multi day ban from genmay all together or an infraction. So.. don't break rules <3

[b]Daily Deals Site List[/b]:[list][*][url][/url] - my personal favorite and daily checked site, great mix of coupons, deals, etc. Updated very fast on expiration[*][url][/url] - awesome forum support[*][url][/url] - general items[*][url][/url] - lots of coupons[*][url][/url] - search engine for cheap stuff.[*][url][/url] - Tech items only ( From TV/Computers/DVD's etc )[*][url][/url] - Deal a day[*][url][/url] - Deal a day[*][url][/url] - Deal a day[*][url][/url] - bargain deals[*][url][/url] - coupons[*][url][/url] - RAM Deals[*][url][/url] - Outdoor gear, updates when items sell out.[*][url][/url] - Outdoor gear, one day deal.[*][url][/url] - List of 10 deal sites, worth a glance every day.[*][url][/url] - List of daily deals, coupons, etc.[*][url][/url] - List of daily deals, including mail-in rebates, and tells you % off.[/list]

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