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gribly 11-05-2017 12:18 AM

I've gotten into this game, and have a group of friends that will play it almost nightly.

Here is a fresh spawn I cuffed and took hostage. My friend wanted to make our first capture of the night wear a dress.


I had previously shot a fresh spawn and dropped him with a double-tap from my AKM. After making sure the coast was clear, I skinned and quartered the guy and made steaks. So, I decided to feed our new captive some raw human steak, but first I sprayed bleach on it to kill any germs, safety first!


He didn't like that very much so he struggled. We calmed him back down, and then I pulled out a blood bag and took some of his. I guess he wasn't healthy enough for that, because after a bunch of shouting he passed out. Luckily I had an IV start kit, so I gave him back his blood. I had basically already poisoned him, not like like the blood was any good.

He eventually came to while my friend was out gathering stuff for a fire, with the intention of cooking up a chicken breast for our guest. I was probably a pretty frightening sight, wearing full camouflage with a knight's helmet while carrying an AKM with a 75 round drum. He broke free of his cuffs and tried to fight me, so I shot him. I skinned and quartered him, too.

I went back outside of the house to my camping spot on a hill overlooking the house and the main road, and waited for another victim. My friend went back inside the house. See, clothes and ammunition, and sometimes food spawns in houses and we were on the main road of a full server with 60 people on. We were catching anyone that tried to loot the house. My friend was waiting in the kitchen with a shotgun while I observed through my scope.

A car drove by, I couldn't see if it had a passenger since it was on a road adjacent to the one I watched, and the trees were thick that way. It stopped just beyond the house my friend was in, and then drove off to the right, down where I couldn't see. We kept waiting, and a few zombies ran at me. I had a silencer on my AK, so I dropped them. Just as I shot, I heard a rifle roaring up the road. I kept watch as my friend was frantic over the radio, he thought I was in a firefight. The car came back, and at a high speed. It shot past the house and up the road where I had a clear view of it. No passenger, but I wasn't confident I could hit the driver at that speed.

A few minutes later, my friend heard footsteps so I concentrated on the house, and a black figure appeared. He was moving to the front door, so I squeezed off three rounds. I'm sure at least one got him, and he scrambled off the porch and along the fence. He ran into some trees next to the house, and then zig-zagged through them. I sent a few more rounds his way, and he kept running. I wasn't going to give chase or try too hard to kill him, I was pretty sure he wasn't coming back. I was a little upset he got away, as I swore my first shots were hits, maybe he had a plate carrier.

After some more time passed, the car came back again and was moving so fast I didn't get a look inside. It slowed, and drove around the house and parked right out front. Out jumps a guy in a full gillie suit and even his rifle had a gillie wrap. Of course, my friend was on high alert in the house and didn't know what to do, I told him to stay put and ditch the shotgun for his AK, and keep it on the front door, he's got company. The guy in the gillie was giving me quite the show with his friend, as they had a small group of zombies that had been following their car and now they were dealing with them. When they had killed the last zombie, and the guy in the gillie stopped moving for a split second, I let him know I was there. My first rounds missed, but he was definitely not expecting that, not right then. He ran to the side of the house I had the best view of, and I sent a few more his way. These rounds found center mass, and he went down. His driver was losing his mind trying to hide, as he was only armed with a garden hoe. I relieved him of his stress with a single round to the neck, and gave the all clear to my friend.

He said the coast was not clear, there was heavy breathing and crawling noises from the side of the house where I dropped the gillie suit guy. Since there was a low fence on the side of the yard, I couldn't see anything. I kept watch while my friend crept out the front door, and he found gillie suit guy crawling on the ground, clearly in rough shape, but he soon found peace when my friend gave him a burst. We had to act quickly, as his shots from his AK were not silenced, and neither were the shots from gillie suit guy when he shot the zombies. We found he was carrying an AKM with a 75 round drum, which my friend took the drum so we both had one now. I also discovered I was now in possession of one of the best rifles in the game, the SVD. I was very glad I hadn't gotten shot by that, and happy to have one again. At this point, we decided to get the hell out of there. The car was a bullet magnet and we wanted to be nowhere near it. We'd made a mess of that kitchen with the other fella, but I did have four steaks to cook up for later...


gribly 11-05-2017 12:35 PM

Oh, I forgot to mention that after I force-fed the guy in the first two pictures the raw human steak soaked in bleach, he informed me I had just previously killed him outside by the road. My friend and I started laughing even harder than we already were, so I had to explain to the guy I just fed him a steak of himself, from his previous life.

My friend was supposed to video-capture the whole thing, but we got the first catch so quickly and then things started happening too fast for him.

BlisterDick 11-05-2017 01:30 PM

:lol: the fuck kind of homicidal shit is this?

gribly 11-05-2017 02:40 PM

I guess I should explain for people that are unaware of the game, it isn't very popular. You're a survivor in Chenarus in an online multiplayer game. There are no kill to death ratios, no rules, and the game has a learning curve like a cliff. There are no NPC's other than zombies. Your character is very mortal. There isn't a health bar, but there are indicators. You can get sick from drinking pond water, have to be aware of your blood type, basically you'll die eleven million times before you can even figure out what is going on. The game is also glitchy as hell, it's currently version 0.62. The map is huge, and takes a couple hours to run across. At military bases and police stations, you can find guns, but you also have to track down magazines and keep them loaded individually. You can also find different parts and accessories, and set your rifle up how you want.

So my friends and I have progressed from just surviving and getting our shit together and making a camp, to being self-sustained with gardening, and got our confidence up. Then we started moving to more populated servers and getting into firefights. My friend got the brilliant idea that instead of just shooting people, lets capture them and do the most messed up shit we can. You can't just suicide your character or anything like that if you are captured, unless you switch servers you're stuck with your captors. I have 5 pairs of handcuffs on my current character for this reason now.

I used to be nice to people, but they'll kill you the first chance they get.

royjr 11-05-2017 03:05 PM

Wow. Those are some awesome graphix. Your Voodoo2 card is a real performer.

gribly 11-05-2017 03:43 PM

Yeah, so the game has shit graphics, it's clunky, very buggy and is time consuming, but it's incredibly good fun once you know what you're doing. I like this guy's videos.


2[H]4U 11-06-2017 05:47 PM

this games been out since 2013 u stpid fkin nigr

gribly 11-06-2017 06:23 PM

It's in pay to play alpha testing still, since 2013. It's not due out for YEARS. We just got a new game engine this year, and everything had to change.

BlisterDick 11-07-2017 02:10 AM

why's your boy wearing daisy dukes?

gribly 11-07-2017 10:58 PM

The first two pictures are of a fresh capture. He's wearing a short dress, so you can see his underwear if those are the short shorts you are referring to.

KangarooMolester 11-11-2017 05:23 AM

Nothing in DayZ made me wetter than landing a headshot with an M24 on someone in full sprint from 800m away.

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