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Vancouver, BC
These are the best places I have found in Vancouver, BC.

Simba's Grill
825 Denman Street

Simba's has some of the greatest spicy food you'll eat. I suggest each person order one of the $9 plates and everyone share a bit. The owner will often come and suggest things, so talk with him because he's very friendly.

La Rocca Ristorante Italiano
1565 Commercial Drive

La Rocca is the most reasonably priced authentic Italian food I have found and it is by far the best place for a date. Make sure to get at their wine list as they import some amazing stuff.

Indian fusion:
1480 W 11th Ave.

Expensive place, but the duck breast in lime leaf curry and jalapeno rice is untouchable. Get it? Untouchables.

Banana Leaf
3005 West Broadway

Banana Leaf is rather surprising because it has a variety of dishes for all tastes including spinach in shrimp and the sambal chili with fried okra, eggplant & green bean. I suggest going earlier in the evening however because the food takes a long time to prepare.

Salvadoran: (my favourite place to eat)
Rinconcito Salvadorean Restaurant
2062 Commercial Drive

The best place in Vancouver. I eat here at least once a week and the only problem I have is that you can't go on Friday's for dinner unless you want a minimum one hour standing wait. Seriously epic establishment for those who like Latin American food.
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