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Let's get some spots in Tampa here. I rarely eat at nice restaurants, so I don't have much to contribute.

Tampa, FL

Places to Eat
$ - Cheap
$$ - More Expensive
$$$ - Super Expensive

Wright's Gourmet Cafe - $$ - On South Dale Mabry, so expect to see a lot of very hot women here with their MILFs. Great sandwiches and salads, and they have some good breakfast stuff there, too. Their most popular sandwich is the Beef Martini. Their Website.

Gallery Eclectic Bistro - $$ - Located in International Plaza's Bay Street by the Cheesecake Factory. They have some very good alcoholic drinks and their chicken marsala was very, very good. A little expensive... but it's International Plaza.

Subs 'N Such - $ - Located in a gas station plaza at the intersection of Livingston Ave. and Bearss Ave. They have great subs for really cheap... their Cuban is very good. What they are most famous for, however, is their extremely large selection of sodas. They have some very rare cola that you can't find at most places to purchase with your meal. Their Website.

Luptons - $ - Located on Busch Blvd. in Temple Terrace, this is an all-you-can-eat BBQ buffet. Don't expect anything fancy here. They basically threw a bunch of picnic tables into an old wooden building and constantly serve some very good BBQ. All-you-can-eat + BBQ = always good in my book. Their Website.

Tijuana Flats - $ - A very college-y mexican place... but you can't deny that they serve some excellent food. If you haven't been to one and you are in the area, there is one up in Wesley Chapel area and one right by the University of South Florida on Fowler Ave. I usually get the Mega-Juana Chimichanga or Tostadas. Their Website.

Lenny's Sub Shop - $ - A sub sandwich chain, but it does not have a lot of locations. I believe the first one is about to open up in California. Excellent subs. I recommend getting the Deluxe Club. Their cookies are awesome as well. It has a Subway-vibe, but they have fresh deli meats and cheeses that they slice for each sandwich. Their Website.

Side Bern's - $$$ - A restaraunt located next to the famous Bern's Steak House in SoHo (South Howard Ave) which I've heard from many many people that it has some of the best food in town. I have yet to go there, but I am highly anticipating when I do. Their Website.

Big City Tavern - $$$ - Located in Centro Ybor. This is a pretty nice place to sit and just have some beer or wine and enjoy a good piece of meat (steaks, chops, chicken, etc...) that is cooked right and presented well with some great sides. I have only been once, but I will probably be going back again. One more thing... SIERRA NEVADA PALE ALE on TAP! The service was pretty good. Their Website.

That's it for right now.... I'm tired of typing.

More Tampa: [from happyness is a sunbeam]
Acropolis in Ybor- excellent,excellent greek food, plus you make a mess
Subport- in Carrolwood, tasty subs, get them how they come
Pho Quien- if you like Vietnamese as much as I do, Temple Terrace area
Mr. Dunderbak's- in the University Square Mall...I can't tell you how much I love this German restaurant. It feels like going to Disney or something.

Even more Tampa: [from jaegertech]

The Olive Tree
Good selection of Greek and some Italian food.

Best BBQ I've ever had. Serves beef ribs the size of your forearm. Owner is a genuinely nice guy and usually around to chat with the customers. Reaffirms that if you want good BBQ, look for a fat Texan.

Ploy Thai
Great Thai food and a nice restaurant.

The pizza and meals aren't bad, but the buffalo wings are awesome and the bleu cheese is fucking incredible.

Campbell's Dairy Land
South of Parsons and 60 in Brandon. Incredible selection of desserts and deep fried Americana.

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