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What is SA? A website about general comedy and Photochopping insanity, and the origin of the majority of teh funnay on the intarweb. Their forums are our pseudo-rivals.

What is the [H]?
[H]ard|OCP or the HardForums. The origin of the first GenMay, dedicated to the advancement of computer hardware and overclocking.

What is ADF?
DrunkenForums, where all our rejects hang out. Beer me!

What are “pics?” Why should I post them?
Pics aka pictures are the single most important thing you can post on GenMay. Visual imagery is the root of all judgments… whether it is about a person, place, piece of artwork, so on. As a predominately male group, the users of GenMay are more visually-oriented than anything else. Pics are a good thing, no matter the quality. You would do good to post them. They also provide spur-of-the-moment Photochoppage.

What is a “post count?”
This number is your total posts from the beginning. Post counts used to be displayed under your username, but was removed for speed/optimization purposes. You are not your post count, and you are not your PC specs.

What is “spam?”
Spam is empty or otherwise worthless content. Spammers usually have high post counts, containing the ever-popular “single smiley post,” “LOL,” “heh” etc.

What is a “r epost?”
Any information previously posted. The J.Lo video is a r epost, as is 99% of the stuff you will post. Most likely it has already been done, so make use of the search function to avoid embarrassment and public shame.

What is “the 10k desk?”
A user by the name of Lantec purchased a $10,000 wooden desk for his computer area. He was taunted mercilessly for buying such a piece of crap desk, as the community concluded. It turned out that he paid in Canadian dollars, so that equates to around $46 in USD. Mandatory 10K desk reference per FAQ now satisfied.

What is “angst?”
Teenage angst is the most common annoyance GenMay has. Popularized by bands like Dashboard Confessional and Linkin Park, angst is the source of most frustration our younger users have. Being confused, angry, and depressed are classic signs of angst, or being angry with no specific reason.

What is a “girl thread?”
A thread specified to the ad nauseum “I like this girl but she doesn’t know me!” problem many guys have. Whining about insecurity, shyness, and general lack of confidence bordering angst are symptoms of a girl thread.

What is “forum drama?”
Any events relating to important matters, or unnecessary amounts of emotion/angst/trauma/tragedy. When LilMisCanBeRite started the Bra thread travesty, that was forum drama. When FLECOM and James Crivellone wouldn’t give up their domains, that was forum drama. When Kruzen spammed his last spam, that was forum drama. Once again, you’ll know it when you see it.

What is a “cran?”
A retarded homosexual. Yeah, that’s what I thought too.

What is “an improper use of internet technology?”
Running a forum such as GenMay. See Bryson, John.

What is “mansechs?”
Sex with a man. It should be avoided.

What is a “pen0s?”
Slang for penis.

What is “teh funnay?”
Proper misspelling of the comedy gold which we all seek. Teh funnay is found in many places- pictures, stories, forum drama, etc. You know it when you see it.

What is “comedy gold/platinum/diamond?”
The rarest and purest form of teh funnay. 100% Grade A+ pure extract, baby.

What is a “noob?”
Slang for newbie. A person who is new to the forum environment, or is inexperienced.

What are “teh goggles?” Why do they do nothing?
An oft-quoted line from The Simpsons. It is used to describe an unpleasant visual image, such as goatse, tubgirl, etc. The pictures viewed would be so horrible, the goggles would indeed do nothing. Also used as “the protective eyewear, it is ineffective.”

What is “fapping?”
The sound made while masturbating. Guys fap. Girls paf or “squish.”

What is the “intarweb?”
Slang for the internet.

What is an “attention whore?”
A girl who whores herself out for the approval of a bunch of intarweb dorks, much like the ones who frequent GenMay. Most post pictures of themselves either nude or semi-nude, eliciting the greenest jealousy out of the other forum girls. Most create some way, shape or form of forum drama.

What is a “photochop?”
An image modified with Adobe Photoshop for humorous purposes. The best chops are the ones that aren’t requested.

What is a “domo-kun?”
A network mascot for a Japanese cable company. He is a little brown… thing, and caused a fuzzy brown sensation across the intarweb. Classic chop material.

What is “cliché kitty?”
A little striped kitten bounding in a field, used in a number of photochops.

What is “All Your Base?”
AYB is the one of greatest single events in intarweb history. The mangled translation of the Sega Genesis game “Zero Wing” became an internet phenomenon- spawning an incredible flash movie, techno music, t-shirts, mouse pads, mugs, etc. Classic quotes include “What happen” “For great justice!” “How are you gentlemen!!” and “All your base are belong to us.”

What is the “Gibson?” Why should I hack it?
The Gibson is the “mainframe computer internet information highway web” from the god-awful movie Hackers. Thrills such as turning on a sprinkler system via a laptop and phone line and “hacking the garbage file” are sprinkled within this treasured classic. It is a mockery of all computer systems and their users. Also a monolithic, self-powered mobile wardriving machine piloted by KeithV and JamesC.

What is “kthxbye?”
More AOL-speak. OK, Thanks, Bye! Used to end a discussion with the ownage. As in: “I am right, you are wrong. Very very wrong. kthxBYE!

What is an “intarweb penos?”
Your amount of internet respect or standing, or the amount and quality of your possessions. M|22, aoLhaTer and sanjay have huge, swinging intarweb penoses. You have to bust out the electron microscope to see Kruzen and SebTheDJ’s intarweb penoses.

What is the “kitttah?”
The official animal of GenMay and the way Cartman from the show “South Park” says “kitty.” Remember, the internet is serious business. Also a series of animated .gifs created by mr_brett proclaiming a variety of phrases sparked this common rewording. Variants: doggah, bunnah, etc.

What is “true.dat?”
Ghetto slang for agreeing with someone’s idea. “True that,” in nerdly .dat form.

What is “the lock?” Why do I want to be in before it?
When it is obvious a thread needs to be locked (discussion of warez, posting goatse, etc), some find it amusing to try and post in the thread before it gets locked by a mod.

What is “whiskey, tango, foxtrot?”

What is “oscar, mike golf?”

What is “tl;dr?”
Too long; didn’t read

What are “cliff notes?”
A summary of a long post, usually condensed into a few poignant sentences.

Who is “Bubb Rubb?”
Pioneered the whistles going woo woo. Just for decoration man, just for decoration. Another classic intarweb event.

Why do people quote Linkin Park lyrics?
Because your thread or comments were overly angsty.

Who is Varg? Why does my thread need more of him?
Another random event via Test, Varg was an obscure hard metal gothy rocker who supposedly killed his own mother. Your thread needs more Varg, as does this FAQ. Everyone needs more Varg, you can’t have enough!
This is my story as I've told it, and in your hands I leave it.

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