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I never said I'd rather have retards standing up for what they believe in. I said I'd prefer apathy, which is simply not caring at all.

ANd ugh, another person who thinks the media is too conservative. I'm just going to copy paste what I wrote day before yesterday in the " Is American media too liberal or too conservative?" thread:
Why would a liberal media spend a week sucking reagan's cock while not saying a single thing about the negative things that happened during his time as president?

Name ten liberal pundits.

Conservative = rupert murdoch = fox = fox news = "fair and balanced" = widely recognized as conservative slant.

As for howard stern, he didnt mind bush much until bush's dog asscroft shut his ass down. Sterns not so much a liberal as an anarchist.

Those mentioned for being liberal are barely on TV.

The "Liberal Media" mentioned Bush being awol got 30 something times, and clintons draft dodging got 10,000.

The "Liberal Media" made up the Gore quote about the Internet.

I see no link to that "story" or post you gave me, it does infact look like that of someone else, in another forum post, and does not constitute anything but an opinion.

You have yet again offered no proof, and continue to incessantly ramble.
"A half truth is often a great lie." - Benjamin Franklin
"Alright I'd grant you this one" - Viriik
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