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im stubborn as shit sometimes but face it he was being rude of course i was going to argue with him. but i'm also the first one to say oh ok that makes sense, or your way does seem better than mine if that is the case after i talk with a person (or scream in allcaps whatever goes down)

Thank you.

If my excessive rage offended you so be it.
I haven't raged on anyone here for a while, my name is not even TUT RAGE!!! anymore.
Couple that with the fact you are a newcomer and you need to be initiated.
Also some here feel that this new wave of posters have brought dishonor and a shameful display to this fine establishment.
“We hope T.O. has his popcorn ready,” Michael Strahan said. “Maybe him and Crayton can sit in his home theater and watch us next week.”
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