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My brother found this on his friends computer. NSFW!!!


At 6:00 this morning, my brother bust into my room wanting to show me some stuff he found on his friends computer. His freind was sleeping and my brother emailed the pics to himself to show me. I will post the pictures and let them speak for themselves. I am tired, I worked overtime last night so after posting this i am going back to bed, must go back to work soon.

Pink Censored marks are to protect both the victims and violators identity.

BTW: He is a semi-regular poster on here, he is a 6k and at the time of this writing, he has 1,625 posts. ;)

Oh Yeah, the victim is a male. for a summary and the pictures.


Kabn's Cliffs
Puppy Penetration

1519 CDT
  1. Syk0tiK posts a thread proclaiming someone on genmay is having sex with a dog and posts pics for proof. after inital stage of "yeah, it's genmay," interest is raised.
  2. read Nevermore's cliffs for the story up to where i seem to be taking over.
  3. djtrump posts the local sheriff's info.
  4. a plea for mercy is ignored.
  5. ironically, nailPuppy posts some wisdom for the ages.
  6. corroborating myspace link from his ex is posted.
  7. small summary of the hunt for the real address and phone number.
  8. as always, there are side conversations about specifics and semantics.
  9. ex's new myspace is posted. [ed. note: it seems myspace has made things much easier for interweb detectives. glad i don't have one.]
  10. comparison between child molestation and canine raping is made.
  11. the legality of the younger brother acquiring the pics is called into question.
  12. supposed aim logs are posted.
  13. a link to his personal page is posted.
  14. someone's going to have a wonderful time explaining that first message.
  15. a pictoral comparison is made between the posted pics and the supposed offender's myspace pic.
  16. another myspace link for the "project" is posted. not sure if this was new or a continuation of a previous one.
  17. there are still those who question the authenticity of the original information we were given.
  18. a response is profferred.
  19. Morbo posts boobs, but edits afterwards.
  20. goatrape says that is not the supposed culprit's room. earlier, it was posted that it is the culprit's sister's room.
  21. apextual requires more proof.
  22. there is much talk of PM'ing of tits.
  23. info embedded in the images when they were taken suggests they were taken by the same person.
  24. wigglesworth gets a return message on the myspace site set up for this event.
  25. original poster (Sk0tik) is banned.
  26. domisi posts screenshots of the EXIF data. turns out our boy doesn't even seem to be a minute man.
  27. for some reason, MONSOON's hypothetical running commentary during the act is very funny to me.
  28. Syk0tik (crap, that's an annoying name to type) tells OddFactor via IM that the EXIF data is wrong and the pics are from two to three weeks ago. tone on this post is suspiciously more malicious than comments posted earlier in the thread.
  29. a new round of doubt begins.
  30. a wonderful chain of chops gets posted.
  31. i can't tell you how fitting it is that i'm listening to Loveline while writing these cliffs.
  32. domisi posts a few more links of, shall we say, foreshadowing on cuz_why's part.
  33. OddFactor points out a disturbing observation.
  34. Syk0tik is unbanned by sanjay.
  35. Joojie finds a children's book that seems oddly pertinent.
  36. sanjay has some fun and renames the Bone Closet to Beast[M]ay.
  37. las Vegas tries to convince himself that it's shens, but seems to fail.
  38. MemphricaSSrecruiter (wtf is with the names on this one?) drops in to inquire about her boobie pics and finds they were not well received.
  39. of course, they are posted again in short order.
  40. she no happy.
  41. dog sex animated gif is posted. yeah.
  42. for some reason, i neglected to link to apextual's cliffs of the whole MSS's tits situation. i apologize for not including it, but will not go back to find out exactly where it should be above because i am a lazy person.
  43. sanjay locks the thread pending further development. after having read the last few hundred posts, i heartily support his decision.
  44. thread is reopened for offers of verification.
  45. the person who supposedly went by the house calls child services to tell them about the whole thing. Sky0tiK is not pleased, though many consider this proof of shens.
  46. Nevermore voices the case of the skeptics.
  47. domisi thinks of the children.
  48. sanjay bumps the thread.
  49. Sky0tiK says he still contacts cuz_why every once in a while.

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