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ZUNE is no officially DEAD

My Cellphone can no longer play Youtube Videos, My phone is a Nokia Lumina 900 running Windows OS 7.8 and I got a notice stating that as of Nov 2015, Youtube will no longer support it. They instruct me to update to a newer OS version, but the phone itself will not accept it. It also tells me that ZUNE will be discontinued as well.

Luckily for me, I was able to upgrade to a newer Windows phone, the Nokia Lumina 640 XL for less than a Dollar. This is practically the same phone, only larger with a lot of extra (and un-necessary) screens. They were able to transfer all of my contact info over, but my personal videos and music are all stuck on my old phone.

The only thing that I cannot figure out, is that on my old phone I could play "other videos" just fine. The only ones that stopped working, are the ones from Youtube.

Now (Without ZUNE), I have to figure out a new way to move all of my music off of my old phone over to my new one.

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