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I was wondering can you get the same amount of cardio out of a bike instead of running?

yes, you can - but if you are riding the bike in a way that you are getting the "same amount of cardio" out of the bike as you did with your running workout, then you will be breathing the SAME as you were during your running workout

if you are on the bike and are not breathing as hard as you were while you were running, then you will not get the same benefit from biking as from running - this is because you just aren't working as hard

don't be lazy - don't use the bike as an excuse to not work as hard

"oh i biked 10 miles today!" well, if you didn't break a sweat or start breathing hard while you did it, then it was for shit

honestly - if your asthma is really, truly the issue here, then why not just run at the pace right below where your asthma gives you problems?
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