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Originally Posted by GhEttOrAiD View Post
Whole car will be vinyl wrapped satin red assuming my friend has enough material in stock.

Aaaaaand that didn't take long at all. Cheaping out and using a substandard alternative to the proper solution because "your friend can give you a hookup" is the reason we give you so much shit. Red vinyl on a black car is going to look SUPER tacky.

Have you ever heard of paint? Seriously. Find a stock hood, and have the whole car resprayed in the original color. You said in the other thread that you can afford to treat this car well. Don't start off by half-assing the bodywork and putting a shitty vinyl wrap on it.

Originally Posted by mikeawesome View Post
cool car but where can you put your sub in

Back when subs were a thing, the trendy thing to do in the MR2 community was to install most of the hardware in the frunk, in place of the spare tire, and use these really shallow 8" subwoofers in wedge-shaped boxes behind the seats. Trouble was, that's where the T-top glass is supposed to be stored, so you had nowhere to put the panels if you took them out.

Not that Ghetto is wont to put that much thought into it...
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