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Originally Posted by Kander77
I call or this is kinda
Actually, its not. I originally put up the /bad/ folder when I had to deal with other forums and online babe galleries stealing my bandwidth by hotlinking.....I used htaccess to own them good.

Knowing the nature of genmay, I'm not at all suprised that one of the people here could possibly be responsible for taking these images and using them aggresisvely - just ask Dan, his /bad/ folder has been around a lot longer than mine, and is much more well known. I know that people routinely use his gallery for forum invasions, because I've locked threads where I've seen "LOLOLOL GENMAY [IMG]dwoloz......[/IMG ]" posted all over the forum linked to in the thread.

Regardless, this guy who complained to Mix is a total idiot douchebag with a sandy vagina, and hearing him whine is just plain funny. I can't wait to see how he responds to my mail.
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