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e30 Creates its own rev limiter

1990 325i, roughly 180k. i bought an e36 a few months ago, had this one primarily parked, and drive it about once a week. i've finally gotten off my ass and put forth the effort to get it sold.

the car was my daily driver so i always tried to keep it in optimum condition. well, of course, with a new car in the driveway and trying to sell this one, it decided to make my life hard.

the car has been chipped, which raises the redline to 6900, uses 91 octane, etc. this was never a problem at all, and was actually a great improvement. test driving the car this week, while going towards redline, the car decided to hit a "rev limiter" at about 6500. A few minutes later, getting warmer, it redlined at 5500. Now, I had just seafoamed the car and changed the oil and some seafoam could have still been in the tank. the fuel filter is about 5k old, so it shouldn't be that either.

I highly doubt it is the chip because i switched to an entirely stock ECU and it consistently redlined at 6000 (stock is 6500).

i'm stumped. i pulled the plugs and they look like this. Online picture "reading spark plug" guides compare to being normal and the deposits may be related to the fuel additive that was just in there. i on'y did the first three and then got lazy. I'm going to change them soon anyway

hep. also, please don't yell at me for "gross negligence." i've always tried really hard to make sure the car's in good shape.


fuck this place
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