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Christmas lights: Deadly Strings of Death

Dear friends,
During this holiday season, I beg you to be careful. I have just heard what might be the most cheer destructive story I have ever heard. My good friend Diana informed me that her brother had just died today while he was stringing up the christmas lights on the side of his house. He had done the same lights on the same gutter for almost 20 years, and he was just about to retire. In the middle of stringing up his lights, he slipped off the ladder almost 20 feet in the air and ended up looping the christmas lights around his neck. As he fell, the police said, the ladder slipped out from under him and he asphyxiated. I beg of you this holiday season, please be careful when decking the halls. Don't drink too much eggnog before you climb up that ladder to put up your lights, and please make sure to watch your children when this happens. Please help us live this holiday season.

Thank you,
Sophie McKenna
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