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Holiday High Newsletter

Hey dudes and dudettes. It's me Cliffy J again with some great tips for getting to your happy place this holiday season. I've been collecting recipies from all of my friends and I have compiled some of the cheapest holiday ways to get there.

1. Eggnog suprise. An incredible way to get wasted and get an out of mind experience, eggnog suprise is one of my favorite holiday highs. What you do is, unroll 20 cigarettes and put them at the bottom of a straner with the tobacco on top. This will make a coffee filter out of the cigarettes and tobacco. Pour your eggnog through this mixture making sure it all gets drained out (Dont forget to squeeze it out at the end. You can also make holiday coffee suprise the same way.

2. Jingle Pipes. Get a bunch of Jingle bells and make some really wicked holiday pipes out of them. It may not get you more high, but it sure does get you in the mood for the season!

3. The Flaming Tree. That christmas tree is just begging for some weed decorations. Get some of your best shit and hang it all over the tree. After christmas is over, you can just go back into a shed, set fire to your tree and get fucking baked!

Well, thats all for now, happy holidays everyone, and if you do any of this stuff send me pics at (gmail addy)

Peace and Love,
Cliffy J
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