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Maybe it's the angle Lurger. That exhaust housing looks A LOT bigger to me for some reason. Just thought he might do something for the flow. Any plans to port the intake while you have it off? Not sure what helps on the NiSMOs.

The intake is just fine - I could make an additional 15HP at great expense, if I went with 2.5" piping from the turbo to the throttlebodies, which would require new intercoolers, new piping, new throttlebodies, and then hogging out the plenum.

I should make my power goals easily with the setup I have now, though, and not have to worry about fabricating the spaghetti-plate of pipes through my engine bay.

The exhaust turbines are about the same size - both are T25 housings, it's just the compressor side that's bigger.

Putting attention there is polishing something that's already pretty damned good - the Z32 has a dual throttlebody setup, and where you see significant improvements across the whole powerband is when you go dual air intakes up front (which is in the plans).
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