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The current project I'm working on is a Zenith K731 AM/FM tube radio. You saw the chassis on the bench:

A really nice radio, even by today's standards. Uses a speaker with a horn, and sounds excellent - except for the abusively loud hum. The wavemagnet antenna, you see it on the case back behind the chassis, pulls in AM like crazy - I was pulling in 1010 WINS the other night from New York (I'm just south of Boston).

Hiding under that Pedroia t-shirt is the case:

It really is a great looking radio - I cover it up so my cat doesn't get any bright ideas with the grill cloth - that shit is not cheap and not easy to come by.

I've got some NOS multi-can caps from when my dad was a tech, and so I pulled a couple of them out to test this unit, and as I predicted, the filter condenser is bad. I'm ordering parts tonight

That's all I've got for now. I'll get some pictures up in the next few days of some troubleshooting and I'll show you what some of the old parts used were. Shit has changed in 60 years, haha. I'll even try to get a video up to show the difference a new filter will give.
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