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That's fucking awesome - the old radios, and having a "broadcast engineer" dad.

I designed AM/FM broadcast transmitters at my last job, spent plenty of time with broadcast engineers. They're a special breed - one of our guys used to call them "hilbilly macgyvers". Extremely smart/clever, having the need to modify every single thing they get their hands on in some way, always having some sort of interesting hobby or side project (ham radio, drag racing car, lasers..), and always having a story to tell.

hahaha you hit the nail right on the head basically. we both volunteer at the local cable access channel, and hes on the board. we're the ones fixing stuff and setting stuff up and such, and he'll come up with some way to use something that I'd never think of. even with shit around the house or whatever, he's got some tried and trued oddball fix for some of the weirdest shit
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