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Every pistol I've handled is like that (including a fancy Wilson Combat 1911). Getting where you can pull through the trigger break smoothly just takes a lot of practice - especially on the newfangled polymer guns where the stiff trigger is supposed to be a safety.

I'd be inclined to agree with Cody that the problem is you. You may not be flinching, but you're probably jerking the trigger.

I took a self defense class for pistols and my instructor handed me an empty gun that he told me was loaded and i totally jerked to the left, then he explained about the recoil anticipation thing and after 1 day i had almost eliminated it when i had time to aim but i still missed a lot when we had to shoot at several targets in succession. that's why i'm getting a judge 2 1/2 with the 3" barrel i want less recoil and lots of spread cause i cant hit shit when you factor in adrenaline in a live firefight for home defense.
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