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Also to put some perspective on myself I would be the first one to cry against more control. I was caught & plead guilty to illegal use at a shooting range in PA State Gamelands. You are not allowed to have more than 3 rounds in a rifle or 6 in a handgun at any time on PA Govt. property. I ended up with a $150 fine and why I don't know but he wanted shell casings from all the involved weapons. I don't even know if they were mine because the range wasn't kept that clean. I broke the law willingly and paid for it but what is practice if you are only half loading a handgun. I think it is stupid but not complying with a State Game Warden is like telling a State Trooper to go f himself. Ya I didn't need to go to jail.

And you must have done something to piss him off inanother way, because that is very nit-picky. Pus, yes, you can train with only a few rounds. Reload more. You were probably mag dumping or something, on top of it all.
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