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Well I guess since we are all off track now it doesn't matter...


Since you misunderstood what I meant it is plainly obvious that anyone with half a brain wouldn't want any person with access to a grenade launcher or full automatic weapon outside a military situation. I said similar as so he could retain some of that "muscle memory", a semi-auto in his situation would be ideal.

The current debate just furthered my long standing belief that weapons that hold high amounts of ammunition should not be available to the public.

I know people die randomly everyday with little to no cause through various means, should be ban it all? No. It means we need to try harder to prevent as much as we can.

Rancid don't be a fuckin idiot and try an equate doctors & radiation treatment to this argument, god you're fucking stupid. My Aunt just survived chemo & radiation and is now cancer free. So we should have just let her die? Fuckin twit. It is your opinion but don't be stupid about it.


Also to put some perspective on myself I would be the first one to cry against more control. I was caught & plead guilty to illegal use at a shooting range in PA State Gamelands. You are not allowed to have more than 3 rounds in a rifle or 6 in a handgun at any time on PA Govt. property. I ended up with a $150 fine and why I don't know but he wanted shell casings from all the involved weapons. I don't even know if they were mine because the range wasn't kept that clean. I broke the law willingly and paid for it but what is practice if you are only half loading a handgun. I think it is stupid but not complying with a State Game Warden is like telling a State Trooper to go f himself. Ya I didn't need to go to jail.

To that I say this:
+ YouTube Video
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Source Cato Institute
Police epitomize protection of self and others and use magazine in their handguns that are 11-19 rounds. Most of them have back up AR15s in their cars with magazines of 30 rounds. Both weapon systems including their magazines are used for the sole purpose of defense of self and others.
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