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Originally Posted by Thermo1223 View Post
A lot actually...with regards to gun accidents...The theory to treat everything else like it's as dangerous and readily usable weapon like a gun with great potential to kill is asinine. Magically by doing this less people will use a gun to kill.

Apparently you skipped over the part where I said I own guns.

My little world, listen yourself, typical...Would you like a rpg just incase he tries to drive a car at you?

A hand gun is just as efficient as a semi-auto rifle. No one is sniping at you from down the street

I'd rather snipe the fucknuts, than have to wait for them to get close enough for a handgun, or splat them with a shotgun. Just sayin'.

Besides: which of these is an assault rifle?? (be quiet, all you who know the answer)

No cheating by looking in the "callout: gun owners" thread.
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