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Whelp, here's my first post on genmay. Some may recognize me from [T]. I'm surprised nobody's done an AR15.. Here's mine; it goes past a strict field strip, which would end at step 9. Still, completeness is a virtue.

Goddamn, genmay won't allow enough pics to do a decent job. Anyhow...

To start, pop out both takedown pins. I suggest you pop out the rear one first.

Flipped around. Both receivers separate. The takedown pins are retained in the lower receiver.

Put the lower aside; we're concentrating on the upper receiver. Pull the charging handle to dislodge it and the bolt carrier group.

A closeup of the CH and BCG.

Bolt carrier disassembly begins here. See the firing pin retaining pin? Pull it out. If you've never replaced it in thousands of rounds, you should. Otherwise, you may need pliers or someone else's firing pin to get it out.

With the firing pin retainer removed, the firing pin just slides out. No, my carrier isn't bent; my macro just sucks.

Push the bolt into the carrier. Now rotate the cam pin 90 degrees, then pull it out.

The cam pin removed, the bolt simply pulls out.

Use your firing pin to drive the extractor pin from the bolt.

This is probably as far down as you want to go, without more serious tools.

Cleaning: CLP and rags are your friends. A lot of people overclean; I theorize this has something to do with drill instructors in the past yelling at them to. Don't; more guns get damaged by overcleaning than true wear. Especially on the AR15 design, where many carbon deposits are self-limiting (eg, the bolt face).

Reassembly: Simply go through the above steps in reverse order, up to step 5. The charging handle goes in first. Pull the bolt forward before reinserting the carrier group in the rifle. Pop pins back in, and you have a working rifle.
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