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I had this problem too. I bled all of my radiators, all fine. Checked for an air lock, fine. Then I got a plumber and he told me that it was some sort of pressure or balancing problem. He told me I might get the problem from time to time and, hey preso!, I have it again.

He told me that if I get the problem again to release a valve at the back of my tank in my hot press (I'm in Ireland so the lingo here may be different). I forget exactly what he said about it so I'm looking it up now and that's how I found your post.

I think the problem is to do with pressure. I'm looking it up now, so if I find the solution I'll let you know.

What I do know that it's not to do with the rad/ radiator itself, it's to do with the system and it's a relatively simple proceedure to fix.
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