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I offered to pay hotel for one night for two friends that I wanted to see at the meet. Did I miss a thread where Fiestafish was going to come down without her boyfriend if someone paid for hotel? Or is Bapes not coming from Toronto because of lack of hotel funds? If they want to split a room then I am glad to pay.

If someone petitions me personally to get a subsidy then I have to look at their posting activity, but if I ask someone and then I tell them that I will cover hotel if they come...what does posting/activity have to do with that? Whenever people come and see me I tend to buy them drinks or dinner. The Vegas meet girl's dinner was around $70 per head which is around what the hotel room costs per person for two.

I have gladly offered to pay for food, groceries, and clean-up if Pyramid wants. I am sure that I would consider a members request for subsidy if I was asked and I would have to compare their need and post-count to folks like Vendetta who have also expressed not wanting to spend for the meet.

you've always been consistantly generous, Thank you Sanjay

I think Fiestafish already declined an offer from someone to finance her trip, I was merely light heartedly expressing my wish that she and Bapes both come to the meet. (and sticking with the cute canadian girl theme)

Are you helping Vendetta out too? I almost think the boys of genmay would be more excited about him coming than any registered fe[m]ale as genmay as a whole are so gay fr him.
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