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The difference in this case is two things:

1. The folks being oppressed in this case are generally black, urban dwellers. These people are the antithesis of the rifle toting Oath Keeper demographic, which is like 100% white rednecks who don't live within in an incorporated place. Their solution to the tyranny of a municipality is to just not live in one, and they feel a very limited degree of sympathy for people whose lifestyle doesn't look like their own.

2. The Oath Keepers and their fellow gun toting zealots know that they would be fighting at a severe disadvantage against a modern militarized police force, which is better equipped and has greater numbers, even if it doesn't necessarily have the advantage of better training in urban combat.

1. How are they being "oppressed"? Having to actually PAY for things? In the already underpowered mind of a Negro I'm sure getting free things all the time make them expect they never have to pay for anything - even with welfare money.
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