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Typical Apple user. "It's expensive, so it must be good, right?"
And it's Carl Zeiss. You can buy a $50 Logitech webcam with "Carl Zeiss Optics." Nothing special.

But wait, it's an Aluminum back with a steel bezel and a glass screen? Thanks for letting us know!
For the record, I put a thermometer in the sun and it is, in fact, hot.

edit: It was a $400,000 thermometer... don't know which model. It's a good one though, right?

Wow, you're a prick tonight!

Can't you just take this guy's posts at face value and enjoy the eye candy? It's pretty damn cool what he did, who gives a shit wether or not it's practical, or was even necessary? People do things for reasons other than being "necessary".
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