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Originally Posted by Baloneyflaps View Post
hey dude, what's up?

Great work, that's a huge improvement!

Thanks man

Not much new up here. Now just trying to rent the suite out and in the process of becoming a Field Officer for the NFA

How about you?

Originally Posted by RazorWind View Post
Can you post some more photos of what you did with that staircase?

The little spot with a couple of steps and then a wall is really odd looking; I assume you didn't intend for that to be the finished design.

That was the shotty job of the original owner. I own a duplex and they wanted to make both suites private, so they walled off the stairs and expanded the kitchen upstairs. They were lazy though and never removed the stairs. They just walled them off, and that is what you see.

I completely ripped the stairs out and that is now where the clothes dryer is sitting.

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Not bad for a welder!
Seriously man, NICE WORK. I wish I had the motivation to work on my house. I'm so upside down it's not even worth it though. I just live in my happy place

I r weldor!

I would love to have a nice functional garage like you do!

You can fly me down to work on your house. On weekends we can go shooting!

Originally Posted by mikeawesome View Post
in the first pic did you lower the ceiling?

Yes, by about 3.5 feet, and also ran the electrical down

Originally Posted by pyramid View Post
very nice.


Originally Posted by lollersk8s View Post
That looks really well done. I would have picked all the same colors too. I'd have maybe gone with single plank flooring, but great job - all you or did you use help?

I am really pleased with the colour scheme too
Not familiar with single plank flooring, do tell?

I did everything except the counter tops and change my electrical box to 200 amp service. That requires an electrician
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