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I am a dumb fag who needs a dumb TV show to tell me something thatís common knowledge. Then I make
Originally Posted by OMGM3LOL
Yeah, but that cylinder might cause a rear wheel to lock up(i dont know how, just a theory) and if you're in a turn while this happens, hello pavement.

Even if the sparkplug was miraculously sucked in the hole like an egg in a bottle, it would more than likely smash the cylinder to shit before the entire engine locked up your back wheel. The entire engine would have to seize, which I've personally had happen on a motorcycle, and you shouldn't crash.

edit, although, I think Bob Dylan crashed his motorcycle by the rear wheel locking. Though not due to engine seizing.
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lmao, When I was younger I had a 3 wheeler and the spark plug was stripped out, so we would JB Weld it back it, It would last for about a month, and then you would be out on the trails, and it would feel like you just got punched in the leg cause the sparkplug would just blow out lmao. I agree with you guys that JB Weld isnt a permanent solution, but if that was my bike and only source of transportation, and I had no money or tools, then I might do that for a week or two tops, untill I could get it fixed.
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