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Can a 62 yr old woman get pregnant?

Yes, I fucked a 62 yr old woman last night. Not the best sex ever, but she pulled out some tricks that no younger girl has ever tried on me. It was great. But since I am posting here obviously there was a problem. The condom broke, 1st time its ever happened to me, and I shot straight up in her. Can a 62 yr old woman still get pregnant?
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do you want a boy or a girl?
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id prefer none of the above
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The oldest known biological mother currently is Dawn Brooke of Guernsey who gave birth to a boy in 1997 at the age of 59.

Every 60+ woman on that page.. all 11 of them, used fertility drugs or IVF to get pregnant.
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From Wikipedia:

Age of onset

The average age of menopause is 51 years, and the normal age range for last period ever is somewhere between age 45 to 55. Age 55 to 60 for last period ever is described as a "late menopause". An "early menopause" is defined as last period ever between the age of 40 to 45.
So I think you're fine but if she is pregnant the kid will probably be retarded. Win win basically.

BTW, what did that granny do to seduce you?
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Clever Name
gayniggers from outer space
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I grab some tissues and kind of push the fluids out of myself afterwards using my vaginal muscles. It doesn't get it all out but it gets a lot out.
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This morning my 62 year old mother told me I was going to be having a brother or sister soon. I found this strange because my father was out of town on business, and she went out drinking
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Spinoff threads in the BC? That's new.
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moving to main forum in 3..2..1...
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I talk shit on the internet because in real life i'm a huge fucking pussy faggot
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Only from my sea men.
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Chicho is full of win.
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no zoop for you
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menopause is your friend
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crt expert
why would a 62 year old want to have children?
when the kid graduates from high school, the parents would be 80
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of wrinklely vagina
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