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I'm 18 and my mom grounded me for going 10 over the speed limit!! <3 siriusnova
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Originally Posted by BlisterDick View Post
ALL the mods are here fucking pathetic douchebag pansy homofucks (except for Pyramid) and get their jollies from submitting their dominance over others on the internet because they feel belittled in real life.

True story, bro.

dont you mean "including" pyramid?
3e8e19ca5f2e1c52bbc2223c33a41dda [y yuo throw haet :( :(] porn may <3's yuo.
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boobie poo bear luv hugs
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Originally Posted by Colicious View Post
dont you mean "including" pyramid?

if Pyramid bans you then you really must have deserved it
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pyramid's Avatar
Originally Posted by Colicious View Post
dont you mean "including" pyramid?

If I ban you, you totally deserved it.
Old 11-03-2011, 10:52 PM pyramid is online now  
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Originally Posted by Caelum View Post
You can hover over your own name and it says in the link

Thats what I do anyway...
Unless you're like me, in which case this is your only post in forever because you've been browsing from the shadows for some number of years.
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Sinds ik als transseksuele prostituee bezig ben, heb ik mezelf eindelijk leren accepteren. PM me voo
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Originally Posted by Coqui View Post
Anything less than 9999 unless you're hirvi-o

psh, you're just saying that because it includes you. IMHO anything over 999 and you're a poser
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2[H]4U's Avatar
anything over 457 and you suck dick fo lyfe
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Tex Arcana
I am a mean disrespectful person hiding anonymously and need an attitude adjustment.
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Originally Posted by Killer_B View Post
anything < 2284.

People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.--V

Men heap together the mistakes of their lives, and create a monster they call destiny.
--John Hobbs

я~~~ я~~~ Tea[m] Pyratex я~~~ я~~~
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SVT Lightning killa!!!1
1183 suckas

lol derp
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tell me i is retarded and i will just potato
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Mine is an anagram for 1337
Originally Posted by TUT RAGE!!!

Your such a fucking dumbass piece of shit.
Old 01-25-2012, 06:07 AM [H]ard|On is offline  
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I masturbate to goatse
Is this where low uids post? Who are the active admins these days anyway?
second chance ;)
2010 Nissan Frontier SE Crew Cab
1994 BMW 325is 5 speed
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You're only as old as the woman you molest, er... I mean feel.
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"Active Admins" is an oxymoron.
I'm the King of Wishful Thinking.....
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8K re% yo.
Das Auto.
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These threads pop up so often it's such a damn shame.
Opinions are like butts, everyone has one, and nobody thinks that theirs stinks.
Can't get away from loneliness...
Today is only Yesterday's Tomorrow....
Dopes To are the only one
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Watch Toomer burn those cowboys. How bout them cowboys?
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Originally Posted by gwiber View Post
Okay i see it... 68281

So all you fuckers who complain about numbers; what number is supposedly "respectable" anyway?
< hover over this OG name for mad respect

or not
Rapid-fire double bass of the GenMay dru[M]mers collective

Syndrome of a Downs- drums/songwriter
\_.--Bumfuck Egypt
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