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Originally Posted by brown card View Post
wd tv live was a good call. I doled one to the rents and put it on the kitchen tv. Stream media to it using "PS3 media server" Works... okay, needs a lot more fine tuning.

is it better than using serviio/plex/xbmc?
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brown card
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Originally Posted by BlisterDick View Post
is it better than using serviio/plex/xbmc?

I mean... I personally just use "bare" windows and MPC-HC. but if you can't plop a computer down somewhere it's a good solution
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Originally Posted by joemama View Post
What are you fuckers doing with more than one terabyte? Ain't nobody got time for that much porn..

i wanted to by big now and be set for a while.

and actually, youre right on the money with the 1tb. our complete unmissable data collection is around 500-600 gb. but i still have about 20 hi-8 camera tapes to convert to dvd (about 100gb). plus another 3-400 gb of music.

but i need an easy place for my wife to dump her camera sd's to. and the kids to back up their phones and tablets.

the stupid thing is. if we have 3tb of storage, we'll use 3tb of storage. im willing to bet of you gave us 100tb we'd find a way to fill it with useless crap in no time, not because we need to but because its there.

im thinking of mirroring the cünt and backing up to a seperate 3tb usb disk (which we already have).

your thoughts on this please kind sir.
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i have nearly 700gb of FLAC and DSD (.dff) files.

old sku gen[m]ay
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