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poor little animals

Now, normally I feel very sympathetic for road kill, but earlier today I watched a squirrel try to run accross a busy road with odd results. The squirrel ran right towards a grouped section of heavy traffic, and instead of getting hit, it ran into the side of a trucks tire running at full speed and fell to the side. I'm not sure if it was dead or just very stunned, but I couldn't hold back laughing my ass off as I drove past it. Morbid, yes, but funny.
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You are going to hell for that.
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God will punish you for that.
Teh Smiley Fagort... :D
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hah its dead
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One Nut
Squirrels are pretty hardy. Once saw one fall from a power line onto the street, layed there motionless - I thought it was dead. A couple minutes later, it got up, shook itself off, and looked up at the powerline. Then scurried off...
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Sarah Palin
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You will be a squirrel in your next life.
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I was driving a group of friends back home from my Lake house last year when the car in front of me hit a squirrel. It kinda ran underneath the car as it was passing by, got hit by the rear passenger tire, and got thrown all over my windshield.

I freaked out (as anyone would do when pieces of an animal hit your windshield at 50mph), swerved like crazy, and almost plummeted down a steep hill.

It was fuckin crazy. A dead squirrel almost killed us all.
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Hmm... just remembered, earlier today, a squirrel was sitting eating something in the middle of the road in my lane. I go up near it, stop, rev the engine, it looks at me and then goes back to eating. It took me slowly creeping up on it and coming within a couple feet of it to finally get it to move. (Car's horn is broken, which I think is illegal, oh well.)
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1984 Supra P-Type, AKA I like pumping hand bulbs to support my lower back
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Don't respond to me, I can't read your posts :(
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you should have seen my buddy run over a line of ducks in the road. He thought they were like birds and would fly out of the way. 9 duck carcasses and a hood full of feathers later, we were both the wiser
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I was on my way to pick up a friend at his house one day, when I pulled into his driveway, I noticed the power was out. His father said he had heard a pop, and was gonna see if one of the transformers on the pole at the end of the driveway fried. My friend got in the car, and we were just turning out of his driveway, just to the left of us, there was this smokin(probly steaming, but "smokin" sounds cooler) squirrel laying at the bottom of a telephone pole. I thought it was kinda funny at the time.

It was raining out ya see, and the little critter was probly just jumpin from one wire to the next, like he had done a hundred times before, cept this time he was soaking wet. FFZZZ POW!!!!

Crispy critter.
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