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Originally Posted by VapoRub View Post
So the PlayStation Vita is coming out next week. Anyone here getting one or has everyone forgotten by now?
Whoa. It hasn't been released in the US yet?
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VapoRub's Avatar
Not officially. Some people import, others get lucky when a retailer breaks street release dates.

Officially it comes out on the 22nd, but some early adopters will be getting some first edition bundles on the 15th.
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not really a fan of handheld consoles but this looks pretty decent
Old 02-10-2012, 02:50 PM Mufflon159 is offline  
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I posted this to the PA forums, but thought you guys might enjoy it too...

If you guys are curious about the VITA, and you're near a major city, definitely check out the "Vita Hill Social Club" thing that Sony has set up.... I just went to the one in NYC b/c i was curious, but they have a bunch of others:

Here are my impressions:

The hardware is gorgeous... light weight, yet solid feeling, and the screen is large and beautiful... the touch controls (on both front and back) are very fast/reactive... and surprisingly intuitive. And the two analog sticks finally make it seem like a 'big boy' gaming system since I can use them to play just like i do on the PS3. Overall, very nice upgrade from the OG PSP.

The one downside (obvious from the pics) is that it's a giant fingerprint magnet... no fancy apple oleophobic coating here and since you'll be touching the screen all the time, you may want to keep a screen wipe handy.



Top (it is fairly thick - but that makes holding it comfortable IMHO):

They had a bunch of games. Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Wipeout, some fighting games, and some sports games (tennis and golf I think? honestly sports games bore me so I didn't even look at them)

Uncharted was gorgeous... equivalent to PS3 in my opinion. Smooth graphics, good control, etc.... I only played it for 5-10 min or so, but it was very much like Uncharted on the PS3. They did stick some touch control gimmick into the game (slash the screen to cut a tarp with your machete!, etc.) but otherwise it played normally.

This screen made me LOL since this was the 1st playable level and i had no idea either!
Old 02-10-2012, 07:46 PM illig is offline  
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The menu system was intuitive as well... swipe back and forth to select 'apps', etc. And the apps did seem to be different between the wifi and 3G versions. Here are some pics:

Some of you asked about GPS, so i tried it. It seemed fast, and the usual smartphone/google maps tricks worked (pinch zoom, etc.). Interestingly, I only saw the maps icon on the 3G version:

One of the interesting features was the direct connect to a console... the had a few TVs setup where you could play against a PS3 (but i'm antisocial and when i happened to be there, only kids were playing, so i didn't get to try it out). They had this setup for Wipeout - but i just played singleplayer Wipeout instead.

One note about Wipeout - it took FOREVER to load up. I hope this was only due to the console connect functionality but I could've written this post in the time it took to load!

I have like 5 more shots of the same screen at slightly higher percentages
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I next tried to check out the game store, but it didn't work - maybe it's not live yet? Just got stuck at a loading screen:

And finally, it does seem to have built in backup functionality:

Overall, a good little machine. It seems to deliver mobile gaming without the usual 'mobile gaming' compromise (low graphics, poor controls, etc.)
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Bill's Avatar
Originally Posted by illig View Post
Overall, a good little machine. It seems to deliver mobile gaming without the usual 'mobile gaming' compromise (low graphics, poor controls, etc.)

I read some comic or comment somewhere that basically said,
etc. == "random bullshit, I don't know"
Since then, I've avoided using it like the plague, because more often than not, the comic/comment is accurate. . Et cetera has come to often take on the meaning of "I want the list to be longer but I can't think of anything." /tangent

At the expense of carrying an additional "oversized" phone. This alone kills any potential it might have had if everyone was still using flip-phones.

Its hardware will be obsolete by the end of the year, if not sooner. Phone contract "subsidies" will make these phones comparable in price to the Vita. Vita sports a quadcore A9 and a quadcore somethingorother graphics chip. Variations of the A9 are already used in the Tegra SoCs, TI's OMAP (Samsung Galaxy/Nexus), and Apple's A5. The iPhone4S and iPad2 use a dual core version of the same graphics chip.

This year is all about the smartphone and tablet. With advances on every front, performance increases will be unparalleled to what we've ever seen in a year's worth of general-PC computing advances.

When phones are "fast enough" (ie. an i5 machine for web and email) where will the next developments head? Smaller die processes for better battery life. Other iterative improvements that you can't do on a "console". Niche markets--slideout controls/gamepads/touchpads.

Don't get me wrong--I'm not hating just to be hating. My phone is two years old and slow as shit so I'm not one of those gotta-have-the-fastest phone fanboys. I still bring my oldschool NDS Lite occasionally when traveling because phones can't match some of what it offers.


In a year, the Vita will be a complete joke.
Old 02-15-2012, 08:49 AM Bill is offline  
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Ries's Avatar
I only used my psp for a couple of months when it first came out. And mostly used it for snes roms
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gribly's Avatar
I totally disagree about this being obsolete in a year. Gaming on a phone flat out fucking sucks. There are no decent buttons or control sticks, and it'd be stupid to plug a controller into your phone and carry that around. Maybe I'm just weird because I don't believe in having a smartphone, but I think it's rather silly to have your main communications device do all sorts of other battery robbing functions, and I don't need to be "connected" constantly. I think this thing is a great idea, and I might just purchase one. I always thought the PSP was pretty sweet, but I didn't buy one because it didn't have a decent joystick. This looks like it's going to have incredible control.
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VapoRub's Avatar
Been playing with it since Wednesday, it's actually pretty neat. Near and Party features are pretty nice, been having voice chat with a few early adopters and checking my Lumines score against others.

Pretty much every hour, something is happening with people passing me in Near, dropping random gifts/collectibles from the games they're playing or getting trophies. Someone about 25 minutes away added me. It feels pretty connected to me, but with the early hype, a lot more of the people who have one now are eager to message other owners.

The rest of the features are pointless if you already have a mobile. I prefer the browser on the iPhone as the Vita doesn't support html5 quite yet. The cameras are useless at their quality, and as a music player, it doesn't offer much compared to my iPhone 4 or Touchpad.

The games are pretty good, the experience and feel of it, especially with controls, is far beyond what I would (not even really) consider gaming on a touchscreen device. Trophies are nice to have on-the-go. Collectible cards dropped from enemies within Uncharted are shared between Near and Friends list users.

Lumines, Uncharted, Hot Shots Golf, Modnation Racers, Rayman, Escape Plan, and I got Michael Jackson The Experience for free because of an Exploit with the demo. Also downloaded Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max and Monster Hunter from the PSP backlog to play on the device and they look way better than they ever did on the PSP. The D-Pad is nice. It's once piece so it pivots around the center nicely and even has a faint clicking feeling, which is good for Street Fighter.

Is it for everyone? If you don't like games at all, I'd say no. As impressed as people are with the hardware, you don't buy it just to be impressed with its screen or processing power. The games hold their own. I need to sit down and finish just one of them, but while going through each one to see how it runs, I found myself spending more time on each game than I should.

Right now, I'm brute forcing through Lumines to get all the trophies and it's kicking my ass.
Rub a thick layer on chest and throat or rub on sore aching muscles. If desired, cover with a soft, dry cloth but keep clothing loose so vapors can reach nose and mouth.
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