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Slow encoding with Handbrake

I am converting some average sized movies around 600-700mb into the iPad format and handbrake says it will take around 3 hours. Is this normal? I am running a Pentium 4 3.0ghz so it might just be my old computer.
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take the handbrake off?

sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
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A Pentium 4 and you complain about it being slow with encoding? What bit rate is video for Ipads anyway?
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For a P4 at 3ghz, I guess that's pretty normal. Choosing different profiles (less quality for the same bitrate) could help a lot.
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it's your PC specs. If you happen to have a recent-ish nVidia card you could try hardware encoding with the CUDA support on it. I used a program called Badaboom but it's not free. There is another called Freemake which is free.

A decent PC these days would do your file in about 5-15 mins.
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p4 3.0 prescott - 8 fps
q9550 - 57 fps
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Its your PC.
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