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Real memory usage in Vista

I suspect it is time to throw some more memory at my laptop. How do I find out if I am running out of memory when superprefetch does such a good job at keeping it full?

The laptop is a core2duo with 2GB ram running Vista home, anywhere up to 30 tabs in Opera, multiple word and PDF documents open.
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Do you feel its getting bogged down?

30 browser tabs can definitely such ram. Also depends if you're running 64bit. If you're using 32bit you wont be able to use more than 3.5gb of ram anyway

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It bogs right down when loading Youtube or browsing Facebook. I suspect that is a browser issue as it happens when there are only a few tabs open. 3.5GB is still 175% better than what I have now.
Kiora bro. Hows youse fullas doing?
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Open up the Task Manager and look at the memory usage. Only way to tell. (right click on the taskbar and select Start Task Manager, then go to the performance tab, look at memory usage)
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