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Slide-In Camper for '88 S-10??

Does this even exist? Has anyone done this? Is this pickup even capable of carrying a slide-in camper? Google results have been lack luster. Or maybe I just don't understand what I've been looking at. I want to take a summer camping trip across the country in this pickup.
Old 12-17-2009, 06:02 PM Weirdo5z is offline  
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i doubt it exists. Those campers sag out half ton and larger trucks without proper spring add ins. You would be better off towing a popup behind it.
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err, yes I do believe they have those, I've seen them on Rangers, can't give you a source though.
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Get in contact with these guys maybe?

They say to call for older models. I'm not sure how much the bed dimensions changed over the years.
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custom is the only route.

with some airbags and decent rated tires you could put a decent sized one on
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slide in campers for compact trucks DO exist but are hard to find. You might need new wheel bearings on a regular basis, along with add-a-leaf springs, electric fan on a multi core radiator, load rated tires, oil cooler and an external trans cooler.

oh the truck will have a lot of roll as well.

it might be easier to find a cheap dodge RV with an easy to fix 360
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