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Originally Posted by Time2Kill View Post
I went from 9.8~10.5mpg to 9.2~9.5mpg...damn Silverado

LOL! My sympathies, bud. Is the mileage that bad on all the Silverados of your generation or is yours just ... uh... messed up?
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Originally Posted by Colonel Sanders View Post
There is a different mix of gas for winter vs. summer (assuming you live in a cold winter area obviously) and yes it does affect MPG. The thing that really kills MPG for me in winter is warming up the car before going anywhere, even if only for a few minutes every time.

Heat shouldn't affect your MPG at all, but if you're running defrost most cars turn the AC on which, just like in summer, puts a load on your engine and makes it consume more gas.

I warm up my car even in 50-60 degree weather... even when it's 70-80 out I let it idle until i see the oil pressure drop a tiny bit. Most people don't have any way to see their oil temp or pressure so they just pull out of the driveway and hammer down on the engine because they are late to work/store/daycare... never mind the oil is at maximum pressure.. at idle.. let's give it some RPM, it'll warm up faster!

It's the flow that lubricates, not the pressure.. pressure rising just happens to coincide with increased flow through a fixed plumbing system. 10 psi for every 1k rpm is fairly accepted by everyone from GM to ferrari.

While we're on the subject, people running thick-ass oil that nets them 30 psi at idle fully warmed up thinking it's a good thing... they don't realize that by the time you get to 3,000 rpm your bypass valve opens and you're not getting any extra lubrication beyond that. i should make "PSA style" thread about this.
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Originally Posted by theWITNESS View Post
LOL! My sympathies, bud. Is the mileage that bad on all the Silverados of your generation or is yours just ... uh... messed up?

Mine's just a little messed up

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KorruptioN's Avatar
I've gone from about 20-22mpg (mostly city) to about 17mpg. Kinda sucks.

I live in Toronto. It's cold. I let it idle for a minute or two tops (I turn my service reminder light into a timer as it goes away after 2 minutes). Then I take it easy until I feel it go out of open-loop and into optimum operating range.
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I'm assuming my winter tires are also effecting the MPG also.
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I didn't notice a difference, i'm pretty sure they keep the same 10% eth mix now all year round

it's just always bad for me, 14-16mpg
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I notice a difference ... but it's still an average of 10MPG better than the best mileage I ever got with my previous car The lowest average I've seen this winter is 35.5MPG, and that was on the last tank, during which we had two snowstorms and some bitchin' cold days.

During the warmer months I average 42-45MPG.
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I average about 18mpg city only now, its a bit better in the summer. With highway its much higher. Cant say I hate the winter though as uncomfortable as the car is the power gain and boost response is a nice offset.
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Down to about 9.9L/100km on the RSX right now, from its usual 8.5L/100km or so. Damn..
in the end, it all comes down to 0 and 1.
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I remember this past week driving to work one morning in -18F air, I was just under 20mpg cruising at 75, when I can normally do 28-30.
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I get shit for mileage now that I can finally break all for loose, but damn if it isn't awesome.

With the cold temps and shitty allseason tires on I actually oversteered at 40mph on tarmac tonight.

It was like sex, but I was having it.
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Yeah the cold temps keeping your engine running rich do hurt it's mileage noticeably. I dont think it's the gas as much as the cold temps.
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Originally Posted by Stealth View Post
I'm assuming my winter tires are also effecting the MPG also.

And road noise. fuck winter
reporting in at around 10L/100km from 7.6L/100km
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