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Originally Posted by MadDog View Post

Yeah, probably in that neighborhood. Unless you can buy 32K of them at once.
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dirty sanchez
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Sarah Palin
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Originally Posted by sanjay View Post
Every year I say no, but then I reconsider. Should we have an annual [m]eat? Where? Probably second week of July. July 4th is nice, but it gets too hectic and many people have other plans.

We have done:

2003 Los Angeles
2004 Los Angeles
2005 Los Angeles
2006 Vancouver
2007 Los Angeles
2008 Las Vegas

If you recommend your city then you need to help organize. Maybe we have two [m] on each coast. Maybe we have people from other forums come so they can be recruited to genmay? Maybe maybe maybe.

I can't travel in July I'd love to see you but you'd have to come to me

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EAST COAST! Philly, NYC, DC, Baltimore.. I'm game.
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give love, get love.
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