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HAHA they died.
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Originally Posted by Gravity Man
Maybe if the cops were more interested in public safety than revenue generation, there wouldn't have been a chase in the first place.

Originally Posted by Tk421
congrats, you are now the winner for most ignorant statement of the month. You clearly dont have a clue as to what goes on outside of your computer screen. Thanks for playing.

And you obviously don't know what it's like to live in Virginia. The state where their main state income is off of tickets served at overpriced amounts because it's a commonwealth state.
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dead link
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Originally Posted by SFC
actually, they have shown questionable shootings before. I can think of one in particular... they were chasing this black pickup, there were news copters everywhere... they put up a road block right underneath a bridge... he was completely stopped for a second, then tried to push through two cop cars, like their front ends were together, they shot him 7 times... he was unarmed. He had apparently been in a fight with his wife earlier and was just pissed off. Needless to say, they didn't shoot him till he was out of site of the news cameras... and he never actually did anything that would've required killing him, so I call on them never showing cops fucking up. Hell, look at that cop who put his cruiser on the railroad tracks... I have this suspicion that the department didn't want to be portrayed quite in that way...

Plus I've seen releases of cops unedited before in movie stores...

ummm assault with a deadly weapon (truck) qualifies for being shot, you do not have the right to assault the arresting officers last time I checked.
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