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tell me i is retarded and i will just potato
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Originally Posted by BlazerLT View Post
oh look the desperate piece of shit is now focusing on politics, wars and guns as a ploy to divert the attention away from him being a completely hypocritical soul-less twat.

durrr hurr hurrr, da gas pedal is related to da war seeing people die in bof and they have guns so this is a liberal problem...

your idiot rank has been given a boost by +1.

You're the biggest idiot here. And tex is right, you're like mohavewolfwhores shitty mouthpiece.

If all you have left are pathetic, witless attempts at flaming, gtfo and don't come back. You know it IS against the rules to shit up threads with pointless negativity.

So, off you go or incur the wrath. Maybe some time in the KC will de-PMS you a little bit.
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Originally Posted by BlazerLT View Post
blah blah blah blah.....

Another desperate ploy to blame the driver and not the real problem.

You are seriously desperate.

When you are HardOn are done sucking each others dicks, why not come back to teh real word where we treat each other with compassion and empathy.

i've seen nothing but flames and retarded arguments coming out of you.

backing up an argument with facts, history, and common sense is good practice. not shitting on people, talking about sucking dicks, and crying about emotions.

you're just as pathetic as all the losers jumping on the "lets blame toyota for our crashes" wagon.

oh and while you're whining about deaths and emotions, have you ever considered all the negatives this case has brought / is going to bring? think of all the shitheads went to jail for KILLING people with their vehicles, i'll bet a bunch of them were in toyotas and i'll also bet a bunch of them are gonna be appealing their sentences because of this investigation.

let me guess, all of those "murders" who killed someone due to negligence while driving are actually all innocent too right?

dude release that sphincter of yours and calm the fuck down.
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