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someone else
someone else's superbowl chili

So I made chili tonight. No pics, but i think its a good recipe, figured i'd share. this is for a HUGE pot, so scale down as necessary and scale back the heat if you dont like it hot.

2.5lb ground beef
package of hot italian sausages (decase them, or just buy bulk)
garlic. i can't tell you exactly how much, as i don't remember.
3-4 sweet peppers (depends on size, generally mix colors just for kicks)
2 jalapenos
1 habernero pepper
5 cans of beans(various types, red, black, pinto, etc etc. drain and RINSE)
2 of the large cans of diced tomatoes (28oz each i think)
2 small cans of tomato paste (or 1 12oz)
1-2 onions, depends on size
chili powder, salt pepper, crushed red pepper, various hot sauces.

brown the meat, sweat the peppers and onions + garlic.
drain some of the fat off the meat, mix with peppers and onions.
chop up and add the hots,
add chili powder, and other seasonings as you see fit, i generally add some crushed red pepper, salt, pepper.
mix in the paste and diced tomatoes - dont drain, thats going to give it the sauce.
mix well. simmer
we added some hot sauces - about a tablespoon combined of various sauces - one was habernano, tobasco, red, and jalapeno. we wanted a little more kick.
add the drained and rinsed beans.
simmer till done.

season with extra taste as needed, pepper salt garlic chili powder and crushed red were all done to taste, can't give you an exact quantity.

serve in a bread bowl or regular bowl, top with cheese, eat with chips for a satisfying crunch.
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too much reading, need
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too much reading, need

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