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no one use them unless they've been proof read and 'verified' or something..

don't want to flood the inboxes with unbelieveable stuff.
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Queen Pee(nis)
I suck conservative cock
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send me some: boppers at gmail dot com

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Queen Pee(nis)
I suck conservative cock
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Leader and Founder of Gen[M]ay Anti-Liberal Club
Gen[M]ay Grammar Gestapo SS Trooper
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New and shiny title
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I didn't bother reading this thread until now...

this is great
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The only place you can get milk in a bag.
Originally Posted by g

"Twenty-Four Foods that will Spice up Your Love Life"
"Ancient Thai Custom Involves use of Ashes of the Elderly as Aphrodesiac - Help Us Stop this Barbaric Practice"...

no explanation necessary - implied humor
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I'd be down for some photochopping. Someone should LMK via PM whats going on, im too tired to read all 5 pages right now . Send me some stuff to chop or somethin'
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im gunna write an article about getting raped via internet


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Originally Posted by synaesthesia
Early reports from scientists returning from an expedition to the Tassili n'Ajjer mountains in Algeria suggest that a painting in a cave allegedly depicts Earth as it would be viewed from space. The Tassili n'Ajjer range, which consists of primarily heavily-eroded sandstone, contains many deep and complex cave systems which scientists are only just now beginning to explore in full. While simple paintings and markings on the interior of caves have previously been discovered, the painting which scientists have recently stumbled upon is far more advanced. Using only shades of black, thought to be created with manganese dioxide, and white from kaolin, a primitive society living four thousand years ago somehow sketched the startlingly accurate image of the earth suspended in space, complete with white speckles that Scientists presume to be stars and even islands and continents that, from Algeria, they should have no knowledge of. Researchers were immediately suspicious of fraud, yet numerous tests, ranging from standard carbon-14 dating testing to advanced x-ray and DNA analysis of the paint materials, lead the scientists involved in the study to unanimously agree that the painting is genuine. An announcement is expected to be made in an upcoming edition of a prominent scientific journal, yet UFO enthusiasts are already hailing the discovery as proof that mankind once soared above our planet with extraterrestrial help. Others see it as an elaborate but inexplicably created hoax or as a sign that celestial forces, such as God or spirits, bestowed knowledge upon mankind in earlier times.


this one took a LOT of research

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Adamnmazing, I might be inclined to contribute.... and ^ photochop is
Old 12-07-2004, 02:53 AM BltnDrumr is offline  

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Thats an excellent story/chop combo
But women and water are in short supply
There's not enough dope for us all to get high
I hear it gets better, that's what they say
As soon as we sail on to Cane Garden Bay
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so which one should we be using?
Old 12-07-2004, 03:27 AM bitterball is offline  

Typical College Drunk
I've got a couple of GMails that I can throw at this effort, and as soon as I get my laptop back from the repair shop (damn power input broke ) I will work on some originals.
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did somebody say buttsechs?
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Everybody comment on other peoples work.

Oh, and Bumps
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Originally Posted by JohnnyBeagle
17 Metre Great White Shark Sparks Massive Hunt

A massive campaign has been launched to catch and detain the largest reported Great White Shark. The campaign, funded by the Queensland Government, has proved to be the most expensive of it's kind and was launched five days ago on Wednesday (17/11/04). The hunt was fueled by concerns that, if left unchecked, the shark could be harmful to swimmers.

The female shark, nicknamed "Batou", has completely baffled local researchers who have "never seen anything like this before". Dr Trevor Long is Director of Marine Sciences at Sea world Gold Coast and is "really excited about this development. Previously, the largest Great White ever found is approximately seven meters long, so you can see why this is such a big deal for us."

Dr. Long and his team plan to capture the shark and relocate it to Sea World Resort for inclusion in the upcoming Shark Bay attraction. Experts from all over Australia and also Japan have indicated their interest in the shark as they believe it holds the key to a great deal of information.

The shark was spotted by tourists on civillian chartered diving boat "The Downunda". While observing the feeding habits of the local sharks from a shark cage, the diver noticed a large shadow swimming underneath the cage. Unbelievably, the massive shark swam right past the cage three times before the diver was able to snap an incredible photo of the 17 metre female eating a "smaller" 4 metre shark whole. The photo has been verified by experts at the S.H.E.N.S Institute and has been processed untouched on film.

I need someone to photochop the (c) from this image. It's actually a tuna.
Quoted for photochop request.
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Teh HaPPy
pwned by mod
keep up the good werk
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