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g. how about a central site with all the (*) messages. Kind of a repository so people dont have to try and filter through the already 30+ pages of this to find them. As they finalize here you can copy them to a webpage somewhere. Maybe keep it behind a password? I'd be willing to host that if you cant... ya/na?
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Originally Posted by JohnnyBeagle
Quoted for photochop request.

hmm, it just had to be right over top of the eye..
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Originally Posted by synaesthesia
Members of underground Skinhead groups loosely affiliated to the KKK have been targetting videogame outlets for their sales and promotions of the latest game in the Grand Theft Auto series, GTA: San Andreas. The game, which features an african-american protagonist and draws heavily from the gangster-rap lifestyle of early 1990s California has already caused controversy with it's explicit violence and profane language. Police are investigating nineteen cases of suspected arson against videogame outlets, where several police found notes amid the charred rubble promoting 'white power' ideals and denouncing the game as "a bunch of isajeep crap". Fearing retaliation from these groups, several customers have refused to buy the game, with some going so far as to return their copy. Some consumers are supportive of the vigilante efforts of such Skinhead groups; "I'm glad somebody is taking a stand and keeping this blackification garbage out of our country. It starts with music, then television, now it's even infecting playstations and such" said one Clark County resident. Police say they have several suspects but have not yet made any arrests. A spokesperson for Rockstar North, the company behind the Grand Theft Auto series, declined to comment.

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Awesome idea.
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Originally Posted by SunKing

fucking brilliant, cheers man
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this is awesome!
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Originally Posted by SunKing
Good work

You might want to compress that image down to ~50K so it will make a better attachment
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Originally Posted by g
Good work

You might want to compress that image down to ~50K so it will make a better attachment

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Originally Posted by synaesthesia
A startling 82.5% of all 'eggnog' type beverages have been found to contain a rare but potentially dangerous variety of bacteria that occurs almost exclusively within the eggs of certain types of poultry. While the bacteria normally exists peacefully in the digestive tract of poultry, it can sometimes find it's way into the eggs of infected birds and, in several cases, has been found to survive the pasteurization process and make it's way into popular eggnog beverages. In most cases, the bacteria is harmlessly destroyed by the body's immune system. However, 1 in 50 test subjects were found to exhibit symptoms ranging from strong nausea, diarrhea, and Hemoptysis to sudden decrease in sexual functioning and/or appetite for food. While seldom fatal, scientists warn drinkers of any eggnog-type beverages to exhibit caution whilst drinking this year, making sure to contact a doctor if any of the initial symptoms, such as warmth of the face, sudden increase in heart rate, or sweaty palms occur. Dr. Alan Werner, a prominent microbiologist at the University of Michigan warned, "We just cannot say with a degree of certainty that eggnog made with current processing methods is safe for consumption. More studies will have to be conducted before we can reassure the public that our initial findings are not a cause for concern." He went on to add, "This product can present an elevated risk to children, elderly, or those with weakened immune systems. I myself would not drink this, and urge moderation if not restraint among the public." More disturbing are reports that several manufacturers of eggnog and related beverages are in fact aware of the danger, yet have neglected to inform the public, fearing a reduction in sales around the critical Holiday season.

Please forward this to all of your loved ones so that they will be aware of this danger and have a safe and healthy Christmas holiday season!!!


Edit: Touched it up a bit

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The Count
if you guys want, please pm me your stories and i will make edits and pm them back to you, sound good? i have some journalism experience being on our college newspaper and stuff, should come in handy.

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Originally Posted by synaesthesia
A reformed pedophile who was released from prison two years ago has began teaching at a small-town American middle school. While in prison, the convict, who will remain nameless for legal reasons, began studying towards a degree in teaching, earning enough college credits to be qualified within a year of his release. Initially, schools were reluctant to hire a former pedophile, but testimony from prison guards, psychologists, and cell mates managed to convince the principle of one school that the man who had lured and molested seventeen young boys was a changed and reformed individual. He is currently halfway through his first school year, with parents and other teachers unaware of his prior convictions.

This teacher could be at any school in America- even the one attended by your own child! If you have any interest in protecting children from this monster, forward this to as many people as you can! Time is of absolute importance- make sure the message is spread so that our children are safe from this man! *

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Propylene Glycol has been linked to Spontaneous Freezing

Dr. Bill Jenkins of the University of Ankey released last week a report that will startle most. Propylene Glycol, a substance found in most deodorants has been linked to instances of spontaneous freezing. Dr. Jenkins has stated that while most of the time propylene glycol is a safe substance, 5 in 100 test cases resulted in some spontaneous freezing in humans.

Coleen Brady, an average stay at home mother of two, has told reporters that her sons will no longer be using deodorant. For fear "that they will freeze up like icicles". In a startling survey of 100 people after one week of the report being released, 65% of those surveyed said they will no longer use deodorant and neither will their children. Reporter Jim Loudin tried to investigate the matter further by asking deodorant manufacturers but they declined to return his calls.
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And like all things Genmay, it does a slow and silent death away from the front page.
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Sticky it because it gets 10/10
This post is GENIUS!
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