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Xerox 8560 Solid Ink

Has anyone used and or own one of these? What is your opinion? I am tired of my crappy inkjets and I want a laser/solid ink printer any recommendations?
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It looks like a pretty nice printer. Not sure how they compare to laser printers these days.

Seems like it might be overkill for a single user though.
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The Spyder
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Installed... a dozen? Work great, dont forget maint kits have to be changed too. Costs about the same. Very nice colors.
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We have an 8860 at work. It's for several users though. I'd say 3k sheets a month. It is a very robust printer. Just been feeding it ink for the last year or so. Occasionally it develops flaws in the paper but has a pretty good manual cleaning system to fix it.

I'd say we buy ink refills once every 4 months.
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