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ATI Mobility Modder

I'm getting my new laptop tomorrow morning equipped with the mobility Radeon HD4330. I was looking around online and found out that ATI doesn't make their catalyst drivers for their mobile GPU's and force you to download drivers from the laptop manufacturer. I'm just assuming the catalyst drivers would improve the performance of the GPU so I looked around some more and found a program called ATI mobility modder which allows you to install catalyst drivers for your mobile card and I had a few questions someone can hopefully shed some light on. I was looking around ATI's driver section and they don't have drivers for the 4330 (obviously) but they do have drivers for the 4350 which seems to be the closest model to mine, would these be the drivers I'd install? Also I was wondering if installing these drivers with this program could cause any hardware damage?
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You should be fine, I installed my drivers for my HD4670 Mobile using desktop drivers and mobility modder.

This is on a Dell Studio XPS 16
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So was I right to assume the catalyst drivers will provide better performance than the ones provided on the Dell website?, I ordered an Inspiron 15 BTW.
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Depends on how recent the ones on the Dell website are...

With that GPU, I don't think there will be a huge performance difference as long as the Dell ones aren't 3+ months old.
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Using the mobility modder can be a bit of a crapshoot, but if performance is what you are after it will probably work better for you than the Dell drivers. However, if I were you I'd try the Dell drivers first, especially if you don't plan on gaming. If they work, don't touch it until it breaks
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