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Encrypting external harddrives

I have a customer who uses several external usb harddrives to backup data from his SBS2003 server. The drives are changed out daily and kept offsite. The backup software is the built in SBS backup. The customer would like to encrypt the data on those drives in case they get lost or stolen.

I experimented locally with True Crypt. While it is a nice program, having to enter a password each time to get into the encrypted partition would be a pain for the customer to do. Seems like a lot of clicking to open True Crypt, click on Mount drive, and then enter password, then doing the reverse when unplugging the drive. Plus, all of this would have to be done with the Administrator's account, which I'd prefer the customer not use so as to not accidentally mess up the server.

Should I look at a 3rd party backup software solution, like Retrospect or something else? I think that program will encrypt the backups. Or is there a better solution? Cost is (always) an issue. I realize that cost of stolen data would be significantly more than the cost of whatever encryption method chosen, but getting the customer to realize this is hard. Customer would prefer to use the existing external drives if possible.

1. Server with external harddrives used to store data backups.
2. Need to encrypt data on drives.
3. As simple to operate as possible.
4. Cost is a factor.
5. Would prefer to use existing external harddrives.
6. Suggestions here.
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