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Typhoon43's Avatar
Am I late to the game? Any Black Mirror Peeps here?

Never gave it a chance but just started watching Sunday night and am now already in season 3. I love the message of technology going too far and just fucking shit up royally. Anyone else make this show a regular staple? I'm digging it. On a related note, is Mr. Robot or Silicon Valley sort of like this? Never seen an episode of either of those, but I'm a long-time IT guy so at least with Black Mirror being in the future I can let my mind go and not try to nitpick every "I hacked the firewall with a zombie bot" comment on shows set in today's timeline.
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interestin' i heard 'elysium' was like that too
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dipshit.'s Avatar
Watched all 3 seasons. Was really good. Like it better than any of the shit on SiFi. A technological twist on Twilight Zone of sorts.

Cannot wait to watch Season 4.
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GhEttOrAiD's Avatar
yes, great show and I am also late to the game

have only watched a couple of S3, I just don't make a lot of time for just sitting and focusing on TV which I think this show sort of needs
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aoeoae's Avatar
black mirror excellent show. mr robot is also good, a little too "tv" for me though with the twists, contrived scenes.

also westworld season 2 is out soon

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crumbaker's Avatar
Westworld looks like it's going to be the shit... again. Black Mirror's newest season was ok, not as good as the last for sure.
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joe nathan
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it's on my list but i need to finish a few other shows first before starting another one
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