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this is going to be amazing
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i see lot of old rabbit/golfs without bumper and gone with some sort of strip look.. it looks very nice.. i would go with out bumper look
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Awesome progress so far! Can't wait to see what you do with her..

Quality thread++
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Awesome project! Keep up the good work.
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Also in the way of content, I bought a set of two HVLP guns for $59 CAD a few weeks ago. They really aren't that expensive.
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Lincoln Hawk
Car looking great...Great thread

I'm in the process of buying an 88 jetta, so we may be in touch soon
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Cool.. hope it turns it out good for you... Old VWs are sweet
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I am Kruzens Brother
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I think I made some progress today...

when we were initially pushing the car around the driveway 4 of us couldn't push it up the small incline to get the engine out - now I was able to push it around by myself to almost all the places it needed to go. it's in its home for now, about 3 feet from the garage - going to construct a paint booth around it to keep all the particulates out for the paint job that will be going on soon.

not much but some gloves a few wrenches, the rear seat belts, the pedals and some towels left in here, time to start scrubbing and sanding in here.

dropped the steering column out, was pulling the brake booster but lost my patience unscrewing the 4 bolts needed to take it off 1/4 of a turn each twist with a box wrench - once the brake booster comes out the pedals will be loose

repaired my pressure washer only to find another gasket blown on it - said screw it and went down and rented one. this is the result, MUCH less grease in the engine bay - still a small layer of it but its no longer piled up everywhere. - as you can see from my previous engine pics

what everyone sees from the road - no wonder people are staring at me CONSTANTLY - everything electronic sans the horn is off the car now. the window was kicked out, that was the best part of the day. It was cracked and needed to be replaced anyways

the fully exposed rusted area in the engine bay. I wasn't able to stick a screwdriver through anywhere which is good, not sure how i'm best going to deal with this, ideally a sand blaster but not sure of the availability and don't really want to buy one for something so small.

front doors are off. rear doors are mounted with 4 6mm allen bolts which only want to strip when I try to take them out. I'm going to get an easy out tomorrow as I can't find mine and pull those bitches off. you can see the glue from the interior carpet that I need to remove.

the hatch and the doors. the hatch weighs almost NOTHING. the doors weigh a good amount each - hopefully i'll be able to decrease that a bit.

riding a little high with all that weight savings now

done for the night

tomorrow the paint booth is getting built, rear doors are coming off and the car is going up on jack stands - hopefully i'll be able to get most of the suspension off as well, and that damn exhaust hanging by a whole 2 rubber straps.
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My '80 VW diesel buildup thread -
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Keep us updated! Great job so far, I can't wait to see it finished someday.
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Nice, that's the kind of love my old volkswagon needs too.
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wonder how much thats going to weigh once you have the TDI in there, the TDI toarks will make that fairly quick.
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Added to the consolidated threads thread.
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I am Kruzens Brother
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not as much progress as I was hoping for today - running around to stores to get stuff took way too much of the daylight today

got the car up on "jackstands" so I can drop the suspension off - with the none straight ground the cinder blocks are IMO actually a pretty good idea for more stability

I found that jack points on the rear of a mk1 when you intend to drop the rear axle are pretty much non-existant

12 dollar walmart jackstands FTW

beginning construction of my 65 dollar paint booth - on the first windy day in two weeks

another angle - probably run a few more guy lines - currently i'm just going to get the top and side setup so that it can rain and I wont worry about the car - also so I wont be in a plastic bag when i'm sanding the body down

my perfect headliner - i'm hoping trimblack or some vinyl dye will get it a good black color without having to remove it - as i'm told thats a rather painful process

a little rant about my rear doors now. I don't know what drunk redneck union worker installed those 8 bolts but if I ever meet them i'm going to kill them. from the proper 6mm hex bolt to pounding a 12 point triple square into the socket to a goddamn easy out all i've done is stripped most of them to sheer round circles. I don't know what kind of screws they are but I think they are little kids play screws not something meant to keep the doors on a car. the easy out I got wasn't a very good one - i'm going to try and get the reverse screw ones that I've always adored in the past and hopefully that will let me get the screws out, short of that I think i'm going to knock the pins out and deal with the repurcusions later.

another day down

tomorrow will be finishing the new garage 'addition' and dropping all the suspension - if I get adventerous and hang a light I'll probably start scrubbing down the inside. I've only got about 100 bucks in my budget until pay day so I've got mostly prep work to do right now - I've got plenty of that though.

I'm probably going to be getting the 99 jetta with a messed up engine bottom end as the parts car, price is pretty good and i'll be able to sell the parts off the rest of the car to bring the cost WAY down. and a fresh rebuilt engine will let me get a lot of miles out of the setup and not worry about turning up the bewst
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My '80 VW diesel buildup thread -

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That thing better still be there in August. I am so going to check it out. It's awesome things like that actually happen in Pullman.

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I am Kruzens Brother
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Originally Posted by lgbr
That thing better still be there in August. I am so going to check it out. It's awesome things like that actually happen in Pullman.

judging by the constant stream of stares from people driving and walking by I don't think it happens too often. Sadly of all the smoking hot girls that have walked by none have been gear heads - not that i'm looking to appealling in my greasy clothes and gloves

Car will certainly still be here in August i'm very much so hoping its done by then though as I want to take it to wagerwagons on july 30th
bitch faced lobster OMGOMGOMGOMG - g0rg0n describing me
My '80 VW diesel buildup thread -
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